On a mission to remove 1 gigaton of CO2 emissions by 2050

HeavyFinance enables investors to generate solid financial returns while also creating a positive environmental impact

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HeavyFinance is tackling the climate crisis by providing financing and loan schemes for companies in the sustainable agriculture sphere, with the goal of removing 1 gigaton of CO2 emissions by 2050.
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Why HeavyFinance


While facilitating investments in agriculture, we precisely measure the environmental impact of your investment. Our team of scientists run laboratory soil tests and sophisticated data modelling to provide accurate and transparent information about the sustainability of each farm attracting debt capital.


Invest without sacrificing returns for a positive impact. We open opportunities for institutional investors, family offices and retail investors to earn lucrative returns while playing an instrumental role in fighting climate change.


We are experts in finance, agriculture and nature-based solutions to fight climate change.  Our scientific approach to measuring the impact of each investment makes us a top-tier player in the voluntary carbon credit market for CO2 emission offsets.


We are long-term thinkers with a deep sense of responsibility. All our employees are stockholders of HeavyFinance committed to running our business sustainably and responsibly. We are happy to serve you throughout each step of your impact investing journey.

Who we serve


Helping businesses to align expansion strategies with ESG goals by investing debt capital for CO2 removal.

Individuals and families

Enabling impact investments in one of the safest sectors – agriculture.

Institutional investors

Helping to reorientate capital flow towards sustainable finance in accordance to EU’s Financing Sustainable Growth Action Plan. 

impact investing in agriculture changes the world

Aligning impact with higher returns

Agricultural land area corresponds to 38% of the global land surface, so every sustainable practice gaining popularity has a major positive impact on tackling climate change.

There is a good progress done in ways we produce food as reputedly climate-friendly soil management practice called no-till farming is growing in popularity even among small and medium sized farmers. By not ploughing fields, farmers protect the topsoil from erosion, enriching the soil and helping it retain moisture for better yields.

By investing in medium term loans for small and medium sized farms, you drive the mass adoption of sustainable farming practices that play a vital role in fighting climate change. 

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