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HeavyFinance launches in Poland: what do you need to know about the Polish agriculture sector?


HeavyFinance takes a significant step forward in expanding its borderless marketplace, which connects small and medium-sized agribusinesses with the global investor community. Already providing individualized financing solutions in four countries, HeavyFinance enters the Poland market with the first loan already listed on the platform.


HeavyFinance partners with Swiss fund i2 group to expand agricultural loan access to European farmers


HeavyFinance takes one step further to provide more access to finance for small and medium-sized farms and partners up with the Swiss fund I2 group.

As the demand for agricultural financing increases, HeavyFinance experienced a need to broaden the investor...

HeavyFinance moves from .eu to .com

Since its launch, the HeavyFinance crowdfunding platform has grown rapidly, not only attracting the attention of the international investor community, but also offering a financing solution to a growing number of European farms. Due to the intense development and even more ambitious plans for...

HeavyFinance Monthly Report 2021-10


Farmers lately focused on farm development and modernization after finishing the winter crop sowing season. In October, we invited investors to contribute to the implementation of 48 agricultural investment projects, bringing together almost 1.4 million investments in agricultural holdings and modernization.

Besides, last month brought more...

[LT] Donatas Jankantas tapo „HeavyFinance“ CTO, formuos vidinę IT komandą


Alternatyvaus finansavimo ūkininkams bendrovės „HeavyFinance“ technologijų vadovu tapo Donatas Jankantas, buvęs „Danske Bank” kompiuterinių tinklų departamento vadovas ir aktyvus investuotojas.

Profesionalas 11 metų praleido bankiniame sektoriuje eidamas įvairias technologijų ir vadybos pozicijas. „Danske Bank“ jis dirbo...

HeavyFinance Monthly Report 2021-09


During the first month of autumn, farmers were not only reaching the final stages of harvest and calculating its results but also planned sowing work. Now, many of them have already finished sowing the fields, and currently use this period to...

HeavyFinance passes €10 million funded mark in record time


HeavyFinance, an alternative lending platform for agriculture, has funded over €10 million in only 16 months. The money was lent to European small and medium farmers, earning investors an average of 11.72% annual interest.

"From the very beginning, we...

HeavyFinance Monthly Report 2021-08


The busiest month in agriculture has just ended. Some farmers have already finished the harvesting season and even managed to sell it. Others are still waiting for the harvest of corn and other crops. Therefore it is not surprising that farmers with a strong...

(EN) 5 reasons to invest in agricultural loans


Investing in agriculture is not only a safe investment - your investments have a real impact in the modernization and growth of small and medium farmers that grow the food that gets into our tables every day.

And yes, not only is it a safe...

HeavyFinance Monthly Report 2021-07

July is one of the most intense periods for grain farmers - with the start of the harvest they start cultivating actively to meet this year's expectations. Although the yield is not expected to reach the record level due to the extreme heat, however,...

Women investing, winds of changes

The hard truth

One year has passed since HeavyFinance was founded and more than 7 Million euros financed later, we found that over 80% of our investors are men.

We are strong believers in gender equality, so facing this difference we feel that it is...

HeavyFinance Monthly Report 2021-06

The mowing season is already in full swing, therefore, farmers are looking for ways to prepare and dry the forage. Grain farmers are still spraying crops and waiting for the abundant harvest. usually, by the end of the season, the farmers run out of...

Loans backed with sole accountability - why is it an attractive investment opportunity?


You probably noticed that recently we listed a lot of loans of up to 10.000 € backed with sole accountability on the platform. It is gratifying that in the two weeks since the first such loan...

How does HeavyFinance secure the loans?

You really want to invest your hard-earned money somewhere safe while getting a sweet return, right? The last thing you want is to lose your investment. Therefore, we have some interesting and unique offerings to secure your investments. 


Dairy farms cooperative and HeavyFinance discussion about investments in dairy farms

Recently HeavyFinance signed a cooperation agreement with the agricultural cooperative Pienas LT. The signed contract ensures agriculture loans with exceptional terms to the members of the cooperative as well as provides additional security for investors.

In the Cow Tox interview with the head...

HeavyFinance Monthly Report 2021-05

Dear investors,

Farmers are already spraying the fields and making every effort to ensure that the well-nurtured plants will bring the rich harvest. To keep working for the successful season, we help the farmers finish all necessary work and borrow funds for development and efficiency....

HeavyFinance launches Latvia: what do you need to know about the Latvian agriculture sector?

HeavyFinance launches in Latvia with the first loan already listed on the platform.  It is an important step of expansion for a leading borderless marketplace which connects small and medium farms with a global investors community.

Together with the launch of HeavyFinance operations in Latvia,...

HeavyFinance Monthly Report 2021-04

April showed that farmers are actively seeking funding before the main work on the farms, therefore, you had more investment opportunities, in comparison to the beginning of spring. We are glad that April was active not only for farmers but also for investors -...

HeavyFinance Monthly Report 2021-03


Dear investors,

the beginning of spring brought a couple of fundamental changes that will be relevant both to our investor community and to farmers seeking funding. Last month, we signed two important agreements with the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund of Lithuania. From...

What is a credit guarantee and why it’s important for investors

Investing in agricultural loans on HeavyFinance just got more secure. Due to a signed new partnership, part of loans for Lithuanian farmers is guaranteed with the repayment of up to 80% of the outstanding credits.

The agreement to participate in a national Guarantee scheme...

(EN) P2P Empire talks: Investing In Agricultural Loans 🚜 Interview with founder and CEO of HeavyFinance

A short and very informative interview with the founder and CEO of HeavyFinance, Laimonas Noreika, will help you to find out whether investing in secured agricultural loans is a good fit for you.

Laimonas answered significant questions for the investors: how do agricultural secured...

HeavyFinance Monthly Report 2021-02


Dear investor,

To keep you updated about the platform you constantly invest through, I would like to introduce to you our Heavy Monthly Report. It is a short paper where we share key results of the platform, news...

Audited Heavy Annual Report 2020

2020 was a tremendous year for HeavyFinance, with several key platform developments and rapid growth in investor and loan numbers.

To meet our own high standards for openness and transparency, the report has been independently audited in accordance...

(EN) What should you know before investing in agricultural loans from Portugal?

Following the official launch of operations in Portugal, we would like to share with you some key facts about the country's agricultural sector and its financing.

The agriculture sector in Portugal

Agriculture in Portugal has a large spatial footprint, capitalising 79% of the territory...

„HeavyFinance“ started originating loans in Bulgaria and Portugal


HeavyFinance, a company transforming agricultural financing into an online marketplace, started lending in Bulgaria and Portugal. First investment projects were already listed on the platform in an attempt to rapidly expand in Mediterranean Europe.

According to the Fi-compass report Financial needs in the agriculture and...

(EN) P2P Empire review about HeavyFinance: a regulated crowdfunding platform for agricultural loans

P2P Empire, Europe’s largest P2P lending comparison site, shared their review about investing in HeavyFinance projects.

P2P Empire mentioned that despite the fact HeavyFinance is a relatively new P2P platform, it has certainly potential for growth. Experienced investors can...

(EN) Daily Finance: HeavyFinance is one of exceptional companies worth to follow


One of the fastest growing online finance, crypto, and fintech magazines Daily Finance picked up the best Lithuania-based Fintech (Financial Technology) companies - one of them is HeavyFinance. Daily Finance has chosen startups and companies that are taking...

(EN) What should you know before investing in agricultural loans from Bulgaria?


After the official launch of operations in Bulgaria, we would like to share with you some key facts about agriculture and agricultural financing in this market. We do hope that this information will help you in making better decisions when investing in loans on...

(EN) We've Launched A Brand New Referral Program


You have friends, don’t you? Let them know about investing in HeavyFinance and get a sweet reward!

You already know that investing is the shortest path to financial independence, why not tell that to your friends, right? That’s why we have just launched a HeavyFinance...

HeavyFinance 2020 review

Together with You, we closed 2020 with strong results. All together our platform facilitated €2,1M worth of loans in 2020. Our investors' community helped 41 farms to increase their productivity by providing capital to purchase heavy machinery, equipment, arable land or increase working capital....

What is crowdfunding?


Crowdfunding platforms gather various investments requiring projects and investors into one place. The number of such crowdfunding platforms is growing, so we will explain what it is and how crowdfunding differs from other investment types.

Constantly attracting new investors' attention, crowdfunding started to gain popularity...

HeavyFinance has attracted two million euros investments in loans backed by heavy machinery

HeavyFinance has collected more than 2 million euros in 7 months. This amount was invested through the HeavyFinance platform.

HeavyFinance investors' community funds loans, which are intended for heavy equipment and arable land purchase, or for increasing the farm's working capital.

"Agriculture needs modern financial...

(EN) HeavyFinance introduces a faster and simpler way to invest


From now all the investors from HeavyFInance community can use auto-investment functionality, which makes the investment process easier.

This functionality allows investors to pre-select acceptable investment parameters (amount invested, project risk class, interest rate, etc.), under which later the automatic investment function chooses investment projects....

(LT) Investavimas įmonės vardu: ką būtina žinoti?


Įmonių vadovybės, finansinių metų gale peržiūrėdamos įmonės rezultatus, svarsto dividendų mokėjimo klausimą. Tai gali pasirodyti ne toks ir lengvas sprendimas, kadangi renkantis neišmokėti dividendų juos galima panaudoti ir kitiems tikslams, pavyzdžiui, investavimui.

Pasaulinėje rinkoje matomi pokyčiai susiję su dividendų išmokėjimu akcininkams. Pagal britų tarptautinės turto...

(EN) HeavyFinance partners with Evo Estate


HeavyFinance began a partnership with investment marketplace Evo Estate. From now on some projects will be available for Eva Estate registered investors as well.

A conversation with Laimonas Noreika, CEO of HeavyFinance, got also featured on Evo Estate platform. He shared some insights about how...

(EN) Explore P2P about HeavyFinance: It is one of the most interesting P2P sites to launch this year

The European Union spends a gigantic amount of money on farm subsidies every year. It was €58 billion in 2018. If, like most of us, you don’t own a farm then you have probably assumed that you would never get a share of this...

(LT) Kiek uždirbčiau, jei kas mėnesį investuočiau po 100 Eur?


Investavimas dar ir dabar daugeliui atrodo kaip sudėtingas procesas, turintis gajų mitų apie dideles rizikas. Visgi, investavimas yra trumpiausias kelias į finansinę laisvę, jeigu tai darote išmintingai.

Lietuvos banko duomenimis, vos keli procentai lietuvių investuoja į finansines priemones ir tai yra gerokai mažiau nei Europos...

(EN) Startup Lithuania: Crowdlending Platform HeavyFinance Attracts 200k EUR Investment


“A Lithuanian startup HeavyFinance attracted an investment of 200,000 Eur from the Startup Wise Guys accelerator and businessman Valdemaras Raščiauskas.

“We see a great potential for rapid development, so we decided to take the path of attracting venture capital investments. The current financial injection is...

(EN) HeavyFinance raised €200K to accelerate growth


HeavyFinance raised more than €200K pre-seed round for further product development and growth acceleration. The company attracted investments from one of the most reputable startup accelerators in Europe Startup Wise Guys and also Lithuanian businessman Valdemaras Raščiauskas.

Laimonas Noreika, CEO of HeavyFinance, says that this...

(EN) HeavyFinance is among the top 5 new platforms to try by Explore P2P


Explore P2P listed five platforms, which specializes in p2p investing. HeavyFinance was mentioned among them as well.

“HeavyFinance only launched mid way through 2020 but has had early success, with over €1m of loans funded already. We think this site will be interesting for investors...

(EN) TodoCrowdlending review video about HeavyFinance


Spanish blogger TodoCrowdlending shared his review and opinion video about investing on the HeavyFinance platform. You can also read a full review of his investing experience on HeavyFinance on the TodoCrowdlending blog.


(LT) Per „HeavyFinance” sutelktas pirmas milijonas eurų technikai ir žemei įsigyti


Per pirmus penkis veiklos mėnesius lietuvių bendrovė „HeavyFinance“ sutelkė daugiau nei 1 mln. eurų. Šie pinigai buvo paskolinti technikos bei žemės ūkio paskirties žemės įsigyti siekiantiems verslams.

Paskolas daugiausia gavo smulkūs ir vidutinio dydžio ūkininkai bei...

(EN) Moonpeer: HeavyFinance, a crowdfunding platform for heavy machinery


HeavyFinance is a marketplace, where investors and businesses dependent on the use of heavy equipment meet.

HeavyFinance is the only platform that provides the opportunity to invest in loans backed by heavy machinery. The significant benefit of heavy equipment as collateral is the liquidity of...

(LT) Europos Parlamentas patvirtino sutelktinio finansavimo platformų taisykles


Europos Parlamentas patvirtino reglamentą dėl Europos sutelktinio finansavimo platformų, kuris turėtų paskatinti platformų tarptautinę plėtrą ir sustiprinti investuotojų apsaugą.

„Lietuvoje veikiančiose sutelktinio finansavimo platformose vidutinės palūkanos investuojantiems į verslo plėtros projektus šių metų pirmą pusmetį siekė 13,8%, o investuojantiems į NT projektus sudarė 9,5%. Tai...

(EN) P2P-Banking: Heavyfinance launches platform for loans backed by heavy machinery


Heavyfinance has launched a platform for loans backed by heavy machinery, the first of this kind in the p2p environment as far as it is known. CEO and co-founder Laimonas Noreika told P2P-Banking how the new crowdfunding platform solves farmers’ problems while looking for...

(EN) P2P-Anlage invests in the HeavyFinance platform. Take a look at his portfolio

2020 October

A famous P2P-Anlage blogger shared his experience investing on the HeavyFinance platform. He mentioned those reasons, why he had chosen the HeavyFinance platform:

  • Loans secured with heavy machinery
  • Heavy machinery is easier to sell in the case of loan default and less fluctuating prices than...

(EN) HeavyFinance Affiliate Program is launched


We love the great investor community we’re building around the idea of investing in the agricultural sector. Therefore, we’re launching an affiliate program to spark more discussions about our product on many different blogs and other platforms.

Want to help us to grow...

(EN) HeavyFinance introduces secondary market


On October 17, 2020, HeavyFinance introduced the opportunity to sell loans on the Secondary Market. Now our investors can sell their loan investments in case they want to exit. Other investors, who missed the first opportunity to invest in a specific project, have a...

(LT) „HeavyFinance“ komandoje – buvęs „Girtekos“ finansavimo produktų vadovas


Prie sutelktinio finansavimo platformą valdančio startuolio „HeavyFinance“ komandos prisijungė Tomas Gineitis, buvęs logistikos grupės „Girteka Logistics“ finansavimo produktų vadovas. Bendrovėje jis pradeda eiti pardavimų vadovo pareigas.

„Tomas yra daugiau nei dešimtmetį patirties sunkiosios technikos finansavime sukaupęs profesionalas. Jo žinios ir regioniniu mastu užmegzti kontaktai mums...

(EN) Startup made investing in heavy equipment loans available to everyone


HeavyFinance, a Lithuanian FinTech company, launched a first crowdfunding platform, where anyone can invest in loans secured by heavy equipment. The company borrowed 150.000 Eur in three days after the official launch. 

Laimonas Noreika, founder and CEO of the company, explained that heavy-duty vehicles such...

(EN) Letter to Investors


As I write this letter, our company is doing its best in carefully looking for a perfect balance between profit and risk for your investments. We see it as a sole goal in these times of uncertainty.

We started a crowdfunding platform HeavyFinance during the...