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What is crowdfunding?
What is HeavyFinance?
Why invest via HeavyFinance?
What are the risks assumed by investors?
How do HeavyFinance select projects for investment?
Why do I need to link HeavyFinance account with my Paysera account?
How to start investing for individuals?
How do I link my HeavyFinance account with my Paysera account?
How can I create a Paysera account if I do not have one?
Can companies invest with HeavyFinance?
How to start investing for companies?
Who is permitted to invest on the HeavyFinance platform?
Are the earnings (i.e., interest received) from investments on HeavyFinance platform subject to taxation?
When will I get back the invested money and accrued interest?
What will happen if the full amount required for the project is not collected?
How much can I invest?
How can I withdraw money from HeavyFinance?
From what moment will interest be calculated: selection of my investment or confirmation of the entire project?
What measures does HeavyFinance take to ensure loan security?
What does the LTV (Loan-to-Value) indicator next to the projects mean?
What happens if the borrower does not repay my investment on time?
Do I need to have an account in Paysera to invest in HeavyFinance projects?
Why does HeavyFinance list only agricultural projects?
What kind of projects are funded by HeavyFinance?
What projects can I invest in?
Why invest in the HeavyFinance platform?
How much can I earn on the HeavyFinance platform?
How to earn more with HeavyFinance?
Why is agriculture a promising sector for investments?
What is the basis for the risk assessment of project owners?
How is the risk of agricultural projects assessed?
How are my investments protected?
What is my investment risk?
Can I lose the entire investment?
What else should I know before investing?
How should I choose a project for investment?
When the money is transferred to the borrower and the interest starts to accrue?
Why does the delay sometimes occur in the interest payments?
Is registration on the HeavyFinance platform free of charge?
How to transfer money to/from a Paysera account?
Why do I need proof of my income before starting investing?
What platform fees apply to the investor?
How to invest on HeavyFinance?
When can I withdraw my invested money?
Where can I find information about my investments?
When will I start earning money after investing?
What happens if a borrower wants to repay a loan prematurely?
What happens if the project owner extends the loan repayment period?
What happens when the project owner is late in paying the installment?
Do I have the opportunity to sell my investment before the scheduled term?
What does the LTV (Loan to Value) indicator next to the projects mean?
What is required to perform customer identification in the Paysera system?
How long does it take to complete the Paysera client identification?
What should I do if Paysera client identification is unsuccessful?
What if I have forgotten my password and have not received a reset link?
How can I withdraw money from my HeavyFinance account?
Are Paysera account and HeavyFinance account (balance) the same thing?
Where can I monitor the progress of the projects I have invested in?
From what moment will interest be accrued?
How is the return on investment calculated?
Why was my investment not confirmed?
How is the bonus calculated?
When is the bonus paid?
As an individual, how is my HeavyFinance platform’s income taxed?
Are investors from all countries allowed to invest on HeavyFinance?
Are the activities of HeavyFinance regulated?
Is the investment protected by coverage provided for by the law on deposits and liabilities?
What type of loans can you find on the platform HeavyFinance?
Where to manage important settings?
How to change communication language?