453.190 tonnes of CO₂ emissions addressed

On a mission to remove 1 gigaton of CO2 emissions by 2050.

ProfitableClimate Solutions

HeavyFinance produces verified agricultural carbon credits, while providing additional financial benefits to farmers in their transition towards more sustainable soil management practices. We enable investors and farmers of all sizes access to the Voluntary Carbon Market.

We provide sustainable financing to farmers to expand more efficient and climate friendly soil management practices like no-till, strip till, or minimum till farming.

We provide an opportunity to invest in sustainable, collateralised loans for European farmers.

We offer sound sustainable corporate climate insetting and offsetting solutions.


Agricultural land corresponds to 38% of the global land surface, so every sustainable practice gaining popularity has a major impact on tackling climate change. By not ploughing fields, farmers protect the topsoil from erosion, enriching the soil and helping it retain moisture for better yields.

Investing in loans for small and medium-sized farms drives the mass adoption of sustainable farming practices that play a vital role in fighting climate change. 

Violeta Gevorkjan

Violeta Gevorkjan, soil and climate change mitigation advocate, nature-based solutions GHG project lead

Carbon farming for resilient soil

Using a combination of regenerative farming practices can increase soil fertility, and accelerate the carbon sequestration process in the soil, allowing farm owners to generate soil carbon credits. 

One soil carbon credit represents 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide or an equivalent greenhouse gas emission that has been reduced or removed from the atmosphere. Farmers “harvest” this crop through the collection and submission of data, and laboratory soil samples proving emissions removed or reduced by employing regenerative agricultural practices.

Regenerative farming practices

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