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On a mission to remove 1 gigaton of CO2 emissions by 2050.

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Agriculture holds a critical position in the fight against climate change,  as it can both contribute to and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Soil has an enormous potential to store large amounts of carbon, and practices such as conservation agriculture, cover cropping, and agroforestry can aid in improving soil health and sequestering more carbon.

Violeta Gevorkjan, Soil and Climate Change Mitigation advocate, Nature-Based Solutions GHG project lead.

Carbon Farming explained

Using a combination of regenerative farming practices can increase soil fertility, and accelerate the carbon sequestration process in the soil, allowing farm owners to generate soil carbon credits. 

One soil carbon credit represents 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide or an equivalent greenhouse gas emission that has been reduced, avoided, or removed from the atmosphere.

Farmers “harvest” this crop through the collection and submission of data, and laboratory soil samples proving emissions removed, reduced, and avoided.

Regenerative farming practices

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No-till or reduced tillage


Reduced use of fertilisers​


Reduced fuel consumption


Crop rotation


Cover crops

Soil sampling

Using sophisticated technologies and insights from internationally acclaimed agronomists, we analyze farmland, meassure carbon removal efficiency, and provide recommendations to farmers for higher yields.

Laimonas Noreika, Co-founder and CEO of HeavyFinance.

Grounded in integrity, leading by example

Tackling climate change must be a united effort, and with almost a third of global greenhouse emissions coming from agricultural products, HeavyFinance is here to lead the charge in the agricultural sector.

Food growth plays a vital part in the climate battle as a prominent global issue, and connecting investors with farmers and agricultural specialists through our finance platform can help accelerate the adoption of regenerative soil management practices to reduce carbon emissions output throughout Europe

International impact investments and the financing of sustainable practices is proving a crucial way to tackle climate change and is key to our commitment of removing one gigaton of carbon dioxide emissions by 2050, benefiting everyone.

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