Moonpeer: HeavyFinance, a crowdfunding platform for heavy machinery

HeavyFinance is a marketplace, where investors and businesses dependent on the use of heavy equipment meet. HeavyFinance is the only platform that provides the opportunity to invest in loans backed by heavy machinery. The significant benefit of heavy equipment as collateral is the liquidity of this type of asset. Tractors, combines and other heavy machines are

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HeavyFinance Affiliate Program is launched

We love the great investor community we’re building around the idea of investing in the agricultural sector. Therefore, we’re launching an affiliate program to spark more discussions about our product on many different blogs and other platforms. Want to help us to grow this great community? Here’s what we can offer to publishers: EUR 5 for

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HeavyFinance introduces secondary market

HeavyFinance introduced the opportunity to sell loans on the Secondary Market. Now our investors can sell their loan investments in case they want to exit. Other investors, who missed the first opportunity to invest in a specific project, have a second chance to fund the loan. To participate in the Secondary Market in the HeavyFinance platform,

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The startup made investing in heavy equipment loans available to everyone

HeavyFinance, a Lithuanian FinTech company, launched the first crowdfunding platform, where anyone can invest in loans secured by heavy equipment. The company borrowed 150.000 Eur in only three days since the official launch. Laimonas Noreika, founder and CEO of the company, explained that heavy-duty vehicles such as tractors, excavators, rollers, and street sweepers, are less volatile

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