HeavyFinance Monthly Report 2021-05

Dear investors, Farmers are already spraying the fields and making every effort to ensure that the well-nurtured plants will bring the rich harvest. To keep working for the successful season, we help the farmers finish all necessary work and borrow funds for development and efficiency. However, we couldn’t achieve our goal without your active contribution. We

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HeavyFinance Monthly Report 2021-04

April showed that farmers are actively seeking funding before the main work on the farms, therefore, you had more investment opportunities, in comparison to the beginning of spring. We are glad that April was active not only for farmers but also for investors – some projects got fully funded in 20 minutes and even less. We

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HeavyFinance Monthly Report 2021-03

Dear investors, the beginning of spring brought a couple of fundamental changes that will be relevant both to our investor community and to farmers seeking funding. Last month, we signed two important agreements with the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund of Lithuania. From now on, state-guaranteed loans will be listed on the HeavyFinance platform, which will make

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What is a State Guarantee and why it’s important for investors

Investing in agricultural loans on HeavyFinance just got more secure. Due to a signed new partnership, part of loans for Lithuanian farmers is guaranteed with the repayment of up to 80% of the outstanding credits. The agreement to participate in a national Guarantee scheme was signed with the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund of Lithuania. Consequently, for

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