With this project, we invite you to contribute to the development of Lithuanian crop farming activities.

The farmer, started working in the agriculture sector in 2008. Currently he cultivates a farm of 71.05 hectares in the Skuodas district and grows rapeseed, wheat and triticale. The farm machinery fleet consists of a harvester, two tractors, and other agriculture equipment.

This is the farmer's second project on the HeavyFinance platform, with the aim of borrowing EUR 14 000 to purchase machinery. The farmer is paying the existing loan (LT0000221) on time.

Active loans balance: €10 000
Active loan number: LT0000221 

Loan information LT0000968

Raised €14 000
Remaining €0
Goal €14 000
Left 0 Days
Return rate 8.90% - 10.80%
Risk rating A+
Loan period 38 Months
LTV 69%
Country Lithuania
Loan purpose Working capital
Repayment type Tailored to farmers need
No of investors 35
Security measures Pledge of assets, Personal liability

Business information

Loan history

Declared land, ha 71.05
Owned land, ha 28.94
2021 €110 897
2020 €80 810
Net profit
2021 €15 744
2020 €21 019
Equity ratio
2021 57%

Security measures

Type Description Value Valuation method
Heavy equipment Disc assembly ROL-EX €13 000 Commercial offer
Heavy equipment Eco-friendly harrows JAR-MET €7 140 Commercial offer
Other Sole accountability €0
Total value of pledged assets €20 140

Annual interest

Investing from €100 8.90%
Investing from €500 9.60%
Investing from €1 000 10.20%
Investing from €2 000 10.80%

Project risks

For this project, there is a risk of losing all the profits made and the funds invested.

In this case, if the Project Owner fails to fulfill its obligations, the Platform Operator will take all necessary measures to protect the interests of investors and use the provided collateral, but the Platform Operator does not guarantee the full fulfillment of the Project Owner's obligations.

Financial agreements are not subject to the insurance protection established by the Law on Insurance of Deposits and Liabilities to Investors of the Republic of Lithuania.

Additional information:

If the project owner does not collect the amounts to be financed, the collected funds will be returned to the funders by transferring them to the account from which they were transferred. The Platform Operator also has the right to offer the Project Owner to reduce the amount to be financed during the Project financing term or to extend the Project financing term. In this case, if the amount to be financed is reduced or the term of financing the Project is extended, it shall in all cases be announced on the Platform and the Fund's financiers shall be informed.