Sales representative for carbon credits programme

Full-time, on site, Warsaw

We are on a mission to remove 1 gigaton of CO2 emissions by 2050.

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We are truly proud of what we have achieved so far, as we opened operations in 5 different countries and saw our revenue grow exponentially. This fast scaling is fueled by an enthusiastic team that combines experience with potential, where talent is nurtured, the effort is rewarded, everyone’s role is valued and every team member shares this sense of achievement.

We offer more than a job, we offer an active role in our team and an opportunity to make a real impact that benefits everyone – helping local farmers thrive and place sustainable food on our table.

Being a sales representative means that you are a core part of a sales team responsible for adding farmers to our carbon certificate programme, which provides regenerative farmers with an additional revenue stream and allows them to benefit from a 0% (yes, zero interest) loan. 

It is important that you are a proactive and open-minded team player with the ability to take ownership of your work.

As a sales representative, you will:

  • Call back any leads that filled out our form or contacted us in any way
  • Gather all the necessary information and prepare loan offers to the farmers and/or add them to the carbon certificate programme
  • Ensure that farmers are truly eligible to participate in the carbon certificate programme
  • Ensure that the farmer has been successfully registered in the carbon certificates programme
  • Ensure that the loan is successfully granted
  • Meet with farming communities in order to build a presence and proactively enrol larger areas of agricultural land to the carbon certificate programme

To fit this role, we are looking for a team member with a hands-on mentality that can communicate and build empathy with our clients – farmers. 

We are mainly looking for great and motivated talents that can grow together with the company. We will  provide you with a full onboarding and you do not need to have exact experience agro-sales  experience however any  of the points listed below would be nice-to-have:

  • 1-2 years experience as a business development representative in the financial industry
    • Knowledge of the loan market and the common processes and practices 
    • Knowledge of the loan products and conditions available for farmers and being able to fully analyse financial documents.


  • 1-2 years as an agricultural products salesperson
    • Knowledge of the Agricultural environment
    • Knowledge of regenerative agriculture practices especially no-till

At HeavyFinance we strive to create a positive and healthy environment where every team member feels valued and productive. We understand that it is our duty to provide you with the conditions and equipment to help you do your best work, and nurture your sense of accomplishment.


We achieve that by:

  • Promoting an inclusive work environment with a strong bond-building dynamic.
  • Encouraging open communication so you can voice all your concerns and feedback.
  • Placing our focus on solving our team’s problems, we see it as an opportunity to improve and grow.
  • Prioritising a healthy work/life balance and a self-time management approach. We don’t want you to work long, we want you to work smart.

At the end of the day, what matters the most is that we are progressing as a team to achieve our common goals together. We know how important it is to have our team motivated, so we want to make sure that you have everything you need to reach those results. 

That includes:

  • Access to the necessary tools to perform your tasks
  • Laptop (Macbook or Windows)
  • Additional equipment for remote work (extra screens, etc.)
  • Possibility to work remotely, or in our office in Warsaw (near Rondo Daszyńskiego)
  • Career development opportunities in a fast-growing tech startup
  • Company shares

Salary range and location

Let us all build together!



B2B, mandate, employment agreement

Salary range and location

6800 – 11500 PLN NET salary + bonuses based on performance

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