Agriculture loan

Agriculture loans are tailored to acquire capital for various purposes such as expansion, inventory purchase, equipment acquisition, hiring staff, or to manage day-to-day operational expenses. The terms and conditions of these loans vary depending borrower's creditworthiness, collateral, repayment tenure and other factors.


11,000 €
11,000 €
Return rate



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Loan purpose
Working capital

Business information
Security measures
Loan history
Project owner Address
Xxxxė Xxxxxxxxxxxė
Šxxxxxxų x., Xxxxxxx xxx., Xxxėxų xxx.
header_1 Declared Owned
Farming land106.97 ha90.00 ha
Revenue 79,795.00 € 83,128.00 €
Net profit 35,127.00 € 35,573.00 €
Equity ratio 65.88% -
Total value of pledged assets

0.00 €

Personal liabilityPersonal liability of the project owner-0.00 €-
Read more about security measures here.
Loan number Project goal Outstanding principal Paid interest Status
LT000214311,000.00 €11,000.00 €0.00 €Active
Project description
Payment schedule

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We invite you to invest in a promising dairy cow farm that is successfully operating and developing. The farm started operating in March 2006. Currently, the farmer declares 106.97 hectares of land, of which 90 hectares are her own.

The farm has 43 dairy cows, which ensure high-quality milk production.

The farm uses modern and efficient machinery, including: tractor Massey Ferguson, baler Goweil, trailers Dinapoli, manure shaker Metal Fash, rake Fella, mower Samaz. This equipment helps to manage the farm efficiently and ensure high production quality.

A farmer seeks to borrow EUR 11,000 in order to expand his farm. This investment will help to increase work productivity, production volumes and ensure high production quality. The loan funds will be used for the development of the farm, including the construction of new premises and the modernization of existing infrastructure. Larger and more modern premises will allow more efficient organization of work on the farm. The expanded farm will provide an opportunity to keep more animals and increase milk production. More modern equipment and better conditions for animals will contribute to higher milk quality.

Join us in helping to further develop this promising farm while ensuring its growth and development. Your investment will not only help the farm continue to develop successfully, but will also contribute to the strengthening of the Lithuanian agricultural sector.

Project risks

For this project, there is a risk of losing all the profits made and the funds invested.

In this case, if the Project Owner fails to fulfill its obligations, the Platform Operator will take all necessary measures to protect the interests of investors and use the provided collateral, but the Platform Operator does not guarantee the full fulfillment of the Project Owner's obligations.

Financial agreements are not subject to the insurance protection established by the Law on Insurance of Deposits and Liabilities to Investors of the Republic of Lithuania.

Additional information:

If the project owner does not collect the amounts to be financed, the collected funds will be returned to the funders by transferring them to the account from which they were transferred. The Platform Operator also has the right to offer the Project Owner to reduce the amount to be financed during the Project financing term or to extend the Project financing term. In this case, if the amount to be financed is reduced or the term of financing the Project is extended, it shall in all cases be announced on the Platform and the Fund's financiers shall be informed.