We believe in agriculture

Agriculture today is far more than just cows, sows, and plows. Just like the weather varies across the countries, so do farms and farmers. One cultivates strawberries, shiitake mushrooms or hemp farms, while others grow cattle and sheep alongside organic vegetables and berries.

On a mission to remove 1 gigaton of CO2 emissions by 2050

Growing food for the planet is becoming a global issue.

 In fact, almost a third of global greenhouse emissions come from agricultural products. HeavyFinance aspires to be a part of the solution to this issue.

Climate tech startup HeavyFinance sets a mission to remove 1 gigaton of CO2 emissions by 2050. The company’s fintech solutions combined with the carbon credit program help farmers store CO2 in the soil.

Connecting farmers with investors, the company facilitates the adoption of regenerative soil management practices like no-till farming. HeavyFinance invites all types of investors, including retail, family office, corporate, and institutional, to join our impact investment marketplace.

We’ve built an underlying infrastructure that scores farmers’ borrowing capabilities, facilitates transactions and administers each loan throughout its life. The primary objective of HeavyFinance is sustainable lending in the agriculture sector while also delivering attractive risk-adjusted financial returns to the platform investors.

HeavyFinance originates loans directly in five European markets – Poland, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia and Bulgaria. Having a scalable business model and the majority of operations unified, the company is planning further geographical expansion.

The company prioritises financing any form of sustainable agriculture that accelerates climate change mitigation, improves food supply chain resilience and contributes towards social progress. By facilitating financing, the company aims to directly or indirectly flow toward reduced soil disturbance tillage practices (no-till, strip-till, mulching), supporting soil maintenance and health and permanent CO2 removal and storage, resulting in:

  • Reduced GHG emission from machinery fossil fuel combustion
  • CO2 Removal from the atmosphere by plants’ biogeochemical processes and permanent storage in the soils.
  • N2O pollution reductions from excessive fertilisers application.
  • Improvement of production quality.
  • Contribution to the improvement of biodiversity.
  • Farm adaptation and resilience to climate change effects ( droughts, high temperatures, floods, etc. )

Over a third of our existing portfolio and nearly half of our expected portfolio by EOY 2022 have financed sustainable agriculture, primarily the conservation tillage practices of our farmers like no-till farming.

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Meet the team

We are agricultural entrepreneurs, agronomists, soil scientists and finance experts passionate to make agriculture more sustainable and more innovative

Laimonas Noreika CEO and Co-founder of HeavyFinance
Laimonas Noreika

CEO, Co-founder

Andrius Liukaitis CFO and Co-founder at HeavyFinance
Andrius Liukaitis

CFO, Co-founder

Darius Verseckas CMO and Co-founder of HeavyFinance
Darius Verseckas

CMO, Co-founder

Panpim Boonchuay COO at HeavyFinance
Panpim Boonchuay


Violeta Gevorkjan Sustainability Officer at HeavyFinance
Violeta Gevorkjan

Decarbonisation and Sustainability Expert

Tomas Gineitis Head of Sales at HeavyFinance
Tomas Gineitis

Head of Sales

Vytenis Ziberkas Business Developer at HeavyFinance
Vytenis Ziberkas

Business Developer

Paulius Juozapavičius Digital Marketing Manager at HeavyFinance
Paulius Juozapavičius

Digital Marketing Manager

Szymon Kozłowski Software Developer at HeavyFinance
Szymon Kozłowski

Software Developer

Łukasz Szpakowski Software Developer at HeavyFinance
Łukasz Szpakowski

Software Developer

Karol Liman, the HeavyFinance Designer
Karol Liman


Office in Portugal

Francisco Pimentel, Sales Manager at HeavyFinance
Francisco Pimentel

Sales Manager

Nuno Oliveira Sales Manager at HeavyFinance
Nuno Oliveira

Sales Manager

Claudia Basilio Legal/Operations manager at HeavyFinance
Claudia Basilio

Legal/Operations manager

Office in Poland

Wojciech Oleksiejuk Regional Manager at HeavyFinance
Wojciech Oleksiejuk

Regional Manager

Marta Świętoniowska Operations Manager at HeavyFinance
Marta Świętoniowska

Operations Manager

Egor Bartaszewicz Sales Manager HeavyFinance
Egor Bartaszewicz

Sales Manager

Jan Możdżyński Sales Manager at HeavyFinance
Jan Możdżyński

Sales Manager

Jan Szymański, Sales Manager​ at HeavyFinance
Jan Szymański

Sales Manager​

Office in Lithuania and Latvia

Nerijus Rasimavičius Sales Manager at HeavyFinance
Nerijus Rasimavičius

Sales Manager

Dovydas Balčiūnas, Operations Manager at HeavyFinance
Dovydas Balčiūnas

Operations Manager

Domantas Šiupšinskas, Sales Manager at HeavyFinance
Domantas Šiupšinskas

Sales Manager

Justė Skeberaitė Operations Manager at HeavyFinance
Justė Skeberaitė

Operations Manager

Jurgita Šiaučiuvėnaitė Operations Manager​ at HeavyFinance
Jurgita Šiaučiuvėnaitė

Operations Manager​

Office in Bulgaria

Bilyana Pavlova Head of Sales at HeavyFinance
Bilyana Pavlova

Head of Sales

Nikolay Nikolov Regional Sales Manager at HeavyFinance
Nikolay Nikolov

Regional Sales Manager

Nikolay Milenkov Operations Manager at HeavyFinance
Nikolay Milenkov

Operations Manager

Viktorio Krumov Operations Manager at HeavyFinance
Viktorio Krumov

Operations Manager

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