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“Heavy Finance is your best choice if you are looking for a way to invest in agricultural loans on a regulated crowdfunding platform” P2P Empire

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Absolute transparency is at the core of our company. Being a regulated by central banks, HeavyFinance provides financial statements and is also voluntarily enrolled in the Transparency Register.


We believe your investments should have positive impact on our planet. HeavyFinance investors are transforming the agricultural sector to reduce global CO2 emissions by 5%.

Has secondary market and auto invest

Each loan on the platform is originated by local teams of HeavyFinance. Our culture is defined by the deep sense of responsibility to help our clients to understand our product and make an educated decision to either invest or borrow capital.

good for diversification

Being one of the fastest growing fintech platforms in Europe, we have been continually reinventing our firm to stay ahead of our clients' needs.


HeavyFinance is here to remind the critical role that agriculture plays in the life and subsistence of any given society. Not only is it the backbone of the economic system, but it’s also the source of food and raw materials.

HeavyFinance operates as a pure marketplace for agricultural loans. It connects small and medium agricultural enterprises with a global investor community from retail investors, to companies and family offices, to institutional investors.

With HeavyFinance, your investments earn double-digit returns while having a positive impact on the planet.

Additional safeguarders of your capital

To provide even more safety, we use trusted authorized financial institutions to take good care of your capital throughout the whole period from the moment you top-up some capital through investing, and to capital withdrawal. We create segregated accounts to protect your funds from potential risks of economic conditions that may adversely affect the financial stability of the company. 

You can choose one of the following financial institutions to store your capital while investing on HeavyFinance

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“Heavy Finance is undoubtedly an exciting platform for the more sophisticated investors who like to add agricultural loans backed by heavy machinery into their P2P portfolio.”

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