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and receive a 0% interest loan for sustainable farming. 

Increase profitability while increasing soil fertility

Sustainable farming practices increase the amount of organic carbon in the topsoil improving the environment for earthworms and other organisms. Consequently, the soil becomes more resistant to draughts and provides better conditions for your plants. 

With 0% financing, you can expand your sustainable practices without financial burden of working with traditional financial institutions.

Eligibility Criteria


Reduced tillage soil management
(no-till, minimum tillage or strip tillage)


40 ha + of arable land
(Your farm needs to employ reduced tillage soil management practices in at least 40 hectares of land)

What is Sustainable Farming

Sustainable agriculture includes no-till, strip-till, and minimum tillage soil management practices, as well as crop rotation, cover crops switching from chemical to organic fertiliser, and reduced fuel consumption.

By employing sustainable agriculture in your farm, you generate carbon certificates and are therefore entitled to a 0% interest loan. Additionally, farmers will receive proceeds from the sale of carbon certificates for one year after the loan repayment.

What are Carbon Certificates

Carbon certificates are tradable units, each representing the removal of one tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Farmers participating in carbon farming practices generate certificates by storing carbon in the soil.

1 Tonne of CO2 Removed = 1 Carbon Certificate

Regenerative farming practices are a prerequisite for drawing down the excess CO2 from the atmosphere. Our scientists make precise calculations of carbon absorbed in the soil to create carbon certificates. 

Through cooperating with HeavyFinance, farmers can benefit from the positive impact of reducing emissions while also getting 0% interest financing and returns from the sale of the certificates.

Real life example

From polluter to sequester

Meet farmer Donatas, a sustainable farmer. In stages, he has been implementing regenerative land management across all of his 330 hectares of farmland since 2017. 

To employ regenerative agricultural practices throughout the fields, the farmer applied for a 105.000€ loan from the HeavyFinance to purchase a disc cultivator Carrier XL 425-625. 

HeavyFinance offered him 0% interest Green Loan to expand sustainable farming practices. Donatas was also provided with tailored repayment schedule to make largest instalments after the harvesting. 

After the farmer repays the 0% agricultural loan, he will start earning additional revenue from the sale of carbon credits generated due to his sustainable farming practices.

Какво казват нашите фермери

Бях един от първите фермери, които започнаха да прилагат нулева обработка на почвата преди около 15 години. Не беше лесно да променя практиките, но сега имам по-добри добиви и културите ми са по-устойчиви на суша. Сега, след като подписах споразумение с HeavyFinance, получавам 15% повече приходи на хектар само като позволявам на техния екип да взема почвени проби веднъж годишно.

Фермер от Литва

След опустошителната суша в моя район през 2018 г. реколтата ми беше почти три пъти по-малка. Знаех, че трябва да направя нещо, за да увелича устойчивостта на почвата срещу течение и наводнения, поради което преминаването към управление на почвата без обработка с помощта на HeavyFinance изглеждаше единственият разумен вариант, който имах.

Цветелин Стефанов
Фермер от Литва

Тъй като имах само 85 хектара обработваема земя, наистина се нуждаех от надеждни финансови партньори с дълбоки познания в областта на селското стопанство, за да премина към земеделие без обработка на почвата. Пътят не беше лесен, но сега качеството на почвата ми е по-добро и имам по-големи реколти.

Фермер от Полша

Като млад фермер дори не обмислях да си купя конвенционален плуг. Започнах с 60 хектара земя и знам, че ще се развивам в района, защото повечето от фермерите наоколо скоро ще започнат да отдават земята под наем и да я продават поради напредналата си възраст. Имам възможност да управлявам тази земя по-ефективно.

Фермер от Полша


A green loan is a form of financing that enables borrowers to use the proceeds to start or to shift to more environmentaly friendly business practices. In Agriculture, it includes reduced tillage farming, more energy efficienty equipment, reduction of chemical fertilizer, etc.

Green loan allows farmers to get 0% rate financing to implement sustainable soil management practices. It therefore provides more security to farmers when switching to sustainable practices and increases profitability of the farm. 

A study of Moody's analyzed over 8,000 loans found out that sustainable loans are considerably less risky, meaning, farmers are less likely to get into major financial difficulties while repaying a sustainable loan.