Earn additional revenue from carbon farming​

Get paid for reduced tillage, crop rotation, sewing cover crops, and doing other sustainable farming practices.

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Carbon Farming explained

Using a combination of these practices can increase soil fertility, and accelerate the carbon sequestration process in the soil, allowing your farm to generate more carbon credits annually and increase your additional revenue. 

Our team of experts will work with you to design a customized plan that increases your soil fertility and captures more organic carbon. 

What do farmers need to do?

1. Provide basic information about fields where sustainable practices are applied

2.  Implement at least 2 out of 5 sustainable practices mentioned below


No-till or reduced tillage


Reduced use of fertilisers


Reduced fuel consumption


Crop rotation


Cover crops


With HeavyFinance, you will increase your revenue while improving your soil

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There are no fees for joining the program. During the first steps, we will calculate your potential returns and explain further steps on how your farm can earn more by storing organic carbon in the soil.

Additional income​


HeavyFinance works with international organizations to ensure higher payments for each tonne of CO2 sequestered in the soil.



Our agronomists and soil scientists will provide you with insights into how your current fertilization practices affects your plants.

We will provide you with optional recommendations on improving the soil and increasing the harvest.

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We value our customers and strive to provide excellent service. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team is available to assist you throughout the whole process

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While joining free of charge, you will receive income for carbon credits generated in your farm along with recommendations from internationally acclaimed agronomists.


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Agriculture holds a critical position in the fight against climate change,  as it can both contribute to and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Soil has an enormous potential to store large amounts of carbon, and practices such as conservation agriculture, cover cropping, and agroforestry can aid in improving soil health and sequestering more carbon.

Violeta Gevorkjan, Soil and Climate Change Mitigation advocate, Nature-Based Solutions GHG project lead.

Soil sampling

Using sophisticated technologies and insights from internationally acclaimed agronomists, we analyze farmland and provide recommendations for higher yields.


By choosing a credible partner with high standards and rigorous methodologies, you can earn more than twice as much, compared to low-reputation companies. Therefore, farmers choose HeavyFinance.

Credibility and Trust

Our track record of successfully implementing and managing carbon farming projects across the EU ensures that the claimed carbon sequestration and emission reduction outcomes are accurate and reliable.

Rigorous Methodologies

We follow recognized methodologies and standards for quantifying and verifying carbon sequestration in agriculture. They adhere to established protocols developed by leading international organizations and standards bodies.

Scale and Earnings

Larger-scale projects that sequester significant amounts of carbon often command higher prices. Carbon credit buyers value projects that offer substantial carbon removal potential.

Independent Verification

HeavyFinance engages independent third-party verifiers to validate soil sample analysis results. This verification process adds an extra layer of assurance that the reported emissions reductions are accurate.

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HeavyFinance is an international team of soil scientists, agronomists, and agricultural finance experts. We will support you along the way toward more sustainable and profitable soil management solutions.