Impact investing in agriculture

Earn passive income while contributing to the goal of removing 1 gigaton of CO2 emissions by 2050.



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Greenhouse gas emissions must decline by 43% by 2030​

Agricultural innovations need to reach critical mass

While connecting our global investor community with European farmers, we learned an important thing: there is already enough innovation in place to make agriculture climate positive. The only thing still missing is capital for mass adoption.

At HeavyFinance, we’re not just investing in agriculture but are also forging partnerships with globally recognized certifying institutions and scientific teams, employing AI and spatial technologies to ensure the integrity, transparency, and credibility of the Carbon Farming project. Our Green Loans generate high-quality carbon certificates, securing a market premium price and yielding the best possible returns for our investors.

With Green Loans, HeavyFinance seeks to remove 1 gigaton of CO2 emissions. With mass adoption of regenerative farming practices we could make a significant step towards climate positive future while generating lucrative returns for our investors and farmers alike.

Invest with confidence

Investing in a regulated environment provides better investor protection and more transparency. 

HeavyFinance is regulated under European Crowdfunding Service Providers License (ECSP), and Crowdfunding Licence supervised by Bank of Lithuania. Giving you the peace of mind when investing in agriculture.

Low default risk

“The agriculture sector is characterised by relatively low default risk. The share of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) for the agriculture sector was found to be lower than that of other economic sectors”

Read European Commission the report.


You invest in first-lien loans collateralized with arable land and heavy equipment.

It means that you are first in line to be paid back in the event that the borrower fails to pay back the loan.


Add extra security by investing in loans with a State Guarantee.

It’s an additional security layer guaranteeing up to 80% repayment of the remaining amount if the full amount can’t be recovered from a defaulted farmer.


EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) serves as a partial stabiliser for farmers’ income in case of natural hazards, making farmers more reliable clients.

Furthermore, farm owners are personally liable if their farm defaults on the loan.

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What Investors Ask Before Investing in Agriculture Projects?

Most frequent questions and answers

On HeavyFinance, you will find agricultural loans for small and medium farmers based in one of the five countries: Poland, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia and Bulgaria. The average size of the loan is 36.000 EUR and the average loan period is 32 months. 

All projects are carefully assessed by an experienced team of HeavyFinance. We evaluate both the project itself and the owner’s credit history to assign the credit score to each project. Credit scores varies from A+ (low risk) to C (higher risk – higher return) and are based on more than 10 criteria including financial health, years in business, amount of land, attractiveness of collateral, etc.

Depending on the project, various measures can be taken to ensure the security of the loan.

Here are some of them: Pledge of property by the primary mortgage; Civil and Comprehensive vehicle insurance, where the HeavyFinance platform is indicated as the beneficiary.

Historically, agriculture represents one of the safest asset classes and it boasts one of the lowest default rates of any economic activity. Therefore, HeavyFinance strategically picked this sector to present its investors with safe investment opportunities. However, we would like to stress that investing in HeavyFinance still involves risks, so please do it wisely.

Investing using the HeavyFinance crowdfunding platform is permitted to natural persons who have reached the age of majority and all legal entities.

Prior to making an investment, it is important to confirm your identity via the verification process.

Registering on HeavyFinance is not allowed only for residents of countries on the sanction list of the EU and the United Nations.

HeavyFinance must implement the measures for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing established by the legal acts, therefore, before establishing the business relationship, the identity of each user has to be authenticated. Therefore, HeavyFinance is obliged to ask investors to prove their income source to be able to invest in the projects on the platform.

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