We aim to remove 1 gigaton of CO2 emissions by 2050

Carbon neutral is not enough, make climate-positive investments

What sets us apart

We are promoting the transition from conventional farming to sustainable land management practices in order to make farmers more resilient in the face of climate change, while also helping investors benefit from impact investment.

We promote sustainable land management practices and remove CO2 from the atmosphere by investing in innovative and science-backed agriculture initiatives. Through our unique Green Loan program and commitment to continuous improvement, we strive to make a meaningful impact on the environment and pave the way for a more sustainable future for all.

We are driving sustainable agriculture forward by building partnerships with farmers, rural communities, and other stakeholders to achieve our mission. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards of transparency and performance, and are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the latest research and best practices in carbon farming. Join us in creating a more sustainable future for all!


Growing food for the planet is becoming a global issue. In fact, almost a third of the global greenhouse emissions comes from agricultural products. HeavyFinance aspires to be a part of the solution to this issue.

HeavyFinance sets a mission to reduce climate change by removing 1 gigaton of CO2 emissions by 2050, through our carbon credit program to help store CO2 in the soil.

We provide Green Loans to farmers to shift/expand sustainable agricultral practices.

We educate and invest in farmers, to increase their yield and profit while being environmentally responsible.

We monitor, verify and report the carbon credit generated by the farmers to the relevant authorities and organisations, such as Verra.

HeavyFinance sell the carbon credits to the companies and organisations that are looking to offset their carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality.

Companies and organisations that buy carbon credits can offset their carbon footprint and achieve carbon neutrality. 

Our Carbon Farming program is removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and storing it in the roots and soil of plants. Our atmosphere is filled with air, including CO2 emitted from human activities like burning fossil fuels and deforestation. To reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, we need to find a way to absorb it. This is where carbon farming comes in.

Plants can absorb CO2 through photosynthesis and store it in their roots and soil. By avoiding soil disturbance and promoting sustainable land management practices, farmers can ensure that the carbon stays in the soil, preventing it from being released back into the atmosphere.

With HeavyFinance’s Carbon Farming initiative, farmers can generate carbon credits and receive financial benefits for their efforts in reducing CO2 emissions and contributing to a sustainable future. 

The SDGs we align with

Our Climate Goals, which promote responsible land management practices and aim to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, are in line with several of the United Nations' goals.

2 - Zero Hunger

We are ensuring the longevity of the farming communities that are essential in our everyday life. HeavyFinance’s mission to increase crop yields aligns with the goal of ending hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture.

6 - Clean Water and Sanitation

Treatment of soil is directly linked to access to clean water. In fact, sustainable farming practices can reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides, which can improve the quality of water resources by reducing contamination. Sustainable farming practices can also improve the resilience of farms to climate change impacts such as droughts and floods, which can ensure water availability during times of water scarcity.

8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth

We support inclusive and sustainable economic growth within the agricultural sector that is so crucial in all of our lives. HeavyFinance’s mission to improve the economic viability of farms aligns with the goal of promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

HeavyFinance’s mission is to promote sustainable land management practices and reduce the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Thus, aligning with the responsible consumption and production goal by investing in sustainable agriculture and promoting regenerative farming practices.

13 - Climate Action

HeavyFinance’s mission to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and invest in sustainable agriculture aligns with the goal of taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Taking action to protect our environment is at the heart of HeavyFinance. Which is why those with sustainable farming practices benefit from our 0% interest rate Green Loans.

14 - Life below Water

HeavyFinance’s work in sustainable agriculture can help to protect biodiversity and the ecosystems of rivers and wetlands, which are critical for life below water.

15 - Life on Land

HeavyFinance’s mission to promote sustainable land management practices aligns with the goal of protecting, restoring and promoting the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, forests, mountains, wetlands, deserts and other areas. This is crucial in the prevention of desertification and general land degradation that can then negatively impact our access to food and economic growth.

17 - Partnership for the Goals

Sustainability doesn’t happen overnight. Neither can it become reality without creating partnerships and cooperation. By working with farmers, rural communities, governments, and other stakeholders, HeavyFinance can play a role in building the partnerships needed to achieve sustainable development.

From animal welfare to CO2 removal, impact investing in agriculture changes the world

Laimonas Noreika

CEO, Co-founder

At HeavyFinance, we are taking bold action to combat climate change and pave the way for a sustainable future. We are not content with simply talking about the problem; we are taking concrete steps to solve it. We are not only making a difference in the fight against climate change, but also in the lives of farmers, their communities and investors.

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