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What is Carbon Farming?

Carbon farming is a practice that involves removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil and vegetation. Not only does it help to combat climate change by reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, but it also offers a range of benefits for farmers.
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and receive a 0% interest loan for sustainable farming. 

Why Get a Green Loan?


earn more

You can earn more for each no-tilled hectare of land by generating carbon certificates and use the 0% loan to enhance your farm.


Improved Crop Yields

This is due to the increased water-holding capacity and nutrient availability that contributes to the plant growth.


Healthier soil

With the help of our soil scientists and regular soil testings, you can increase the quality of your soil with personalised recommendations.

Why should you book a free consultation now?

With HeavyFinance’s carbon farming loan, you can join the global push towards sustainable agriculture and earn more revenue. By adopting zero-tillage farming practices, you’ll be rewarded for managing your soil sustainably while combatting the devastating effects of climate change.

And with our 0% interest loans, you can finance your green initiatives without breaking the bank.

Plus, generate passive income with carbon certificate generation.


Farmers Using Our Services

7 000

ha of no-till land

1 500

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What our farmers say

I was one of the first farmers to adapt zero tillage around 15 years ago. It wasn't easy to change the practices but I now have better yields and my crops are more resistant to draughts. Now, after signing an agreement with HeavyFinance, I get 15% more revenue per hectare just by letting their team to take soil samples once a year.
Farmer from Lithuania
After a devastating drought in my area in 2018, my harvest was almost three times smaller. I knew I had to do something to increase the resistance against draughts and floods, therefore, moving to no-till soil management with HeavyFinance seemed like the only wise option I had.
Farmer from Lithuania
Having only 85 hectares of arable land, I really needed reliable financial partners with deep knowledge in agriculture to move to no-till farming. It was not an easy road but now the quality of my soil is better and I have bigger harvests.
Farmer from Poland
Being a young farmer I didn't even consider buying a conventional plough. I started with 60 hectares of land and I know that I will expand in the area because most of the farmers around will soon start renting out and selling the land because of their old age. I have a chance to manage that land more efficiently.
Farmer from Poland

What are Carbon Certificates?

Carbon certificates are tradable units, each representing the removal of one tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Farmers participating in carbon farming practices generate certificates by storing carbon in the soil.

1 tonne of CO2 removed = 1 Carbon Certificate

Regenerative farming practices are a prerequisite for drawing down the excess CO2 from the atmosphere. Our scientists make precise calculations of carbon absorbed in the soil to create carbon certificates. 

Through cooperating with HeavyFinance, farmers can benefit from the positive impact of reducing emissions while also earning returns from the sale of the certificates.

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How to get a Green Loan?

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Register with us online and one of our financial consultants will be in touch soon to learn more about your farm and current farming practices.

Let's Get Your Soil Tested

Our international team of top scientists will  take soil samples from your fields to evaluate carbon sequestration potential and estimate the quality of the soil. (This determines your earning potential).

Follow Best Practices and Calculate Impact

We will provide you with consultations and guidelines to maximise your benefits. The impact and results of your sustainable practices will be measured periodically.

Get Paid

Every hectare of your farm is eligible for the production of carbon certificates that will generate a passive income for you for up to 20 years!

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