What is HeavyFinance?

HeavyFinance is a marketplace, where investors and businesses dependent on the use of heavy equipment meet. The investment opportunities provided by the HeavyFinance platform are always backed by heavy equipment as collateral.

Are the activities of HeavyFinance regulated?

Regulation on European Crowdfunding Service Providers (ECSP) for business provides clear rules on information disclosures for investors as well as on governance and risk management for crowdfunding platforms.

The company is also regulated on the national level by The Bank of Lithuania as a crowdfunding platform operator. You can find all the related laws and regulations to our activities on the website of The Bank of Lithuania.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a model of investment and fundraising where investments are provided by a number of single individuals. Crowdfunding significantly simplifies the investment process, provides an opportunity to choose an investment project and receive a higher return on investment.

What kind of projects are funded by HeavyFinance?

We fund any project related to the farming activity, from the purchase of equipment and land to working capital, as long as they are securitized by assets according to our risk assessment standards.

The majority of HeavyFinance loans are secured by heavy machinery or land with the loan to value ratio of not bigger that 70%. You can also invest in projects with the received individual state guarantee, which in most cases guarantees 80% of the repayment of the outstanding credits. Besides, we sometimes list loans up to 10.000 €, which are only backed by sole accountability. When compared to loans secured by first-rank collateral, these loans have a 2% higher interest rate.

Is the investment protected by coverage provided for by the law on Insurance of Deposits and Liabilities?

Investments through crowd-funding platforms are not subject to the insurance requirement of the Law on Insurance of Deposits and Liabilities to Investors of the Republic of Lithuania. However, your investment is secured by pledged assets (heavy equipment, land, receivables from the contract of sale) and additional warranties. The investments also can be protected by the partial (usually 80%) state guarantee for the specific projects such projects are signed by the special green mark.

How does HeavyFinance select projects for investment?

All projects are carefully assessed by an experienced team of HeavyFinance. We evaluate both the project itself and the owner’s credit history.

Why does HeavyFinance list only agricultural projects?

Historically, agriculture represents one of the safest asset classes and it boasts one of the lowest default rates of any economic activity. Therefore, HeavyFinance strategically picked this sector to present its investors with safe investment opportunities.

However, we would like to stress that investing in HeavyFinance still involves risks, so please do it wisely.

Why is agriculture a promising sector for investments?

Agriculture is a vital activity sector, almost all that you eat is generated in this sector and that is not posed to change anytime soon. This strategic importance is recognized by all levels of government that heavily subsidize it in “developed countries” to ensure that it has a constant production and workforce, still in large part passed down from father to son. This makes it a sector with a high level of stability and with assets at its disposal (such as land and equipment) while being at the same time cash-intensive.

This is substantiated by the European Commission and European Investment Bank which highlighted the agricultural sector as having a high level of solidity (adjusted equity/total capital) and low level of default risk, therefore considering it a good portfolio investment. Read more about finance in agriculture in the Fi-Compass report “Financial needs in the agriculture and agri-food sectors in the European Union”

Keep in mind that it also presents specific risks just like any other. General characteristics of the sector include fluctuating profit margins and cash flow, animal diseases, climate, and weather-related fluctuations.

What are the risks assumed by investors?

The HeavyFinance platform is an intermediary between the investor and the project owner, offering a range of carefully selected projects of the highest creditworthiness; however, the investor shall assume all possible risks: risk of full or partial loss of funds allocated for funding (capital); absence of potential profit and financial liquidity risks.

However, these scenarios are highly improbable. HeavyFinance, acting as the creditors’ representative, will ensure repayment of investments: whenever necessary, a transfer of property pledged by the project owner may be initiated and other measures may be taken to ensure repayment of an investment.

What measures does HeavyFinance take to ensure loan security?

Depending on the project, various measures can be taken to ensure the security of the loan. Here are some of them:

Pledge of property by the primary mortgage;
Civil and Comprehensive vehicle insurance, where HeavyFinance platform is indicated as the beneficiary

Who is permitted to invest on the HeavyFinance platform?

Investing using the HeavyFinance crowdfunding platform is permitted to natural persons who have reached the age of majority and all legal entities.

Prior to making an investment, it is important to confirm your identity via the verification process.

How to invest on HeavyFinance?

First of all, to see all the details about each project and to be able to start investing, you have to create an account on HeavyFinance and choose your payment solution of choice.

All available projects can be found on the projects page. There you can read all the provided information about projects after pressing on one of them. When you decide to make an investment, press the Invest button, select the desired amount (make sure that you have sufficient balance), read general terms and press Invest. After the confirmation process, you will successfully become one of the project investors.

What are the payment solutions available on the HeavyFinance platform?

During the registration process, you will be able to choose the payment solution between the HeavyFinance investment wallet and Paysera digital wallet. Both wallets are free of charge and provide a seamless customer experience for our investors. However, there are some slight differences that may help you decide which one to choose.

HeavyFinance investment wallet is provided in cooperation with Lemonway, a widely used solution for European retail investors. It is back-to-back integrated to the HeavyFinance platform so you will not need to register to another system. Your Lemonway account is, furthermore, fully controlled from the HeavyFinance platform and you can top up your wallet using SEPA transfer. Therefore, many investors will find this way familiar and easy to fully register and start investing. All investor deposits will be held by BNP Paribas Bank – one of the largest banks in Europe.

Paysera is a settlement account and operates according to the same principles as the accounts in other banks. Paysera digital wallet provides a wind range of services, it can be used to make transfers, and payments with the available Paysera Visa card or withdraw the available funds as you would do in a transitional bank account. You will find connecting your Paysera account to a HeavyFinance account very convenient. Especially, if you use many other services that Paysera provides.

Why can’t I see some projects after logged in?

As for now, we offer different investment opportunities for each group of electronic wallet holders which means the HeavyFinance wallet users will not be able to invest in loans available to investors with Paysera accounts and vice versa. However, we are providing equal investment opportunities for both HeavyFinance investment wallet and Paysera digital wallet holders.

Why do I need proof of my income before starting investing?

HeavyFinance must implement the measures for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing established by the legal acts, therefore, before establishing the business relationship, the identity of each user has to be authenticated. Therefore, HeavyFinance is obliged to ask investors to prove their income source to be able to invest in the projects on the platform.

Are the earnings (i.e., interest received) from investments on HeavyFinance platform subject to taxation?

Important information for Lithuanian residents

If you invest as an Individual, the interest earned is included in Class B income, which you must declare and pay 15% PIT (personal income tax) on that income. This tax must be paid by Lithuanian residents themselves on the total amount of interest received during the tax period, which exceeds € 500, i.e. when the total amount of interest received during the tax period exceeds EUR 500, the amount exceeding EUR 500 is taxed at the rate of 15%.

When paying penalties interest, referral bonuses, cashback and other gifts to Lithuanian residents, HeavyFinance will deduct and pay 15% PIT to the State Tax Inspectorate (STI).

Important information for foreign residents

Interest on Lithuanian loans paid to foreign resident individuals is classified as Class A income and will be subject to personal income tax (PIT) deducted and paid by HeavyFinance. For this reason, foreign residents will automatically be charged 15% personal income tax before paying interest, which will be transferred to the State Tax Inspectorate (STI).

In order to reduce the taxes, foreign investors whose country of residence has a double taxation avoidance agreement with Lithuania should fill in section I through IV of a DAS-1 form and provide a proof of tax residency document in your country then send it to us at [email protected] with email title: “Income Tax”

The withholding tax will be reduced to those people who are residents of the countries that Lithuania has a double tax treaty exemption agreement with.

When paying penalties interest,  referral bonuses, cash back, and other gifts and bonuses to foreign residents, HeavyFinance will make no deductions and is the responsibility of each individual to declare it to their competent tax authority.

What platform fees apply to the investor?

Registration and investing in HeavyFinance are totally free of charge. However, if you are selling your investment on the secondary market a one-time fee per transfer of the right of claim applies. The amount of the fee is 1% of the nominal value of the transferred right of claim. You can read more about fees in our Service Fees section.

How much can I invest?

You can invest a minimum of EUR 100 in each crowdfunding project on the HeavyFinance platform. There is no maximum restriction on the investment amount and number of funding projects.

How much can I earn on the HeavyFinance platform?

Depending on the risk level of the projects that you opt to choose to invest in, you can benefit from 8% to 14% of yearly return.

How should I choose a project for investment?

Whether you prefer an analytical or an intuitive approach, the first step is to go through the available information thoroughly. One of the key tasks of our team at HeavyFinance is to gather, assess and prepare all necessary information so that you can make an informed decision. You can easily find the context and the key information of each project, such as LTV, interest rate, pledged assets, financial performance, and more to help you evaluate risk and ROI.

What is the basis for the risk assessment of project owners?

How is the risk of agricultural projects assessed?

Every farmer is evaluated based on his or her experience in the sector and the historical results of the farm. HeavyFinance requires project owners to provide financial information regarding the results of previous years and their present financial situation. This information is sustained by official documents as Company activity information or business registration, Tax returns, PnL, etc. As well as collateral to cover the required loan-to-value ratio.

The risk modeling consists of various inputs, such as income, liabilities, debt history, net revenue, equity, assets, LTV, and the change in certain ratios throughout the time.

The LTV is a minor input, in the sense that the risk model predicts the borrower’s ability to repay the loan without the liquidation of the assets pledged.

What does the LTV (Loan-to-Value) indicator next to the projects mean?

All HeavyFinance loans are securitized by a guarantee or collateral. The LTV (or loan to value) is the ratio between the amount to be lent and the value of the collateral presented. If a project shows a 70% LTV, it means that the borrower is asking for a loan worth 70% the value of the collateral he pledged (i.e: asks for 70 000 loans when pledging a land worth 100 000). The lower the indicator, the lower the investment risk, as in the case of non-repayment of the loan, the value of the property sold will be higher than the loan.

How are my investments protected?

Your investments are protected by securitized collaterals that back each loan. These collaterals are in turn protected by the specific regulations on each jurisdiction and the enforcement of such regulations towards the liquidation of the collateral to recoup the amount lent.

What is my investment risk?

Our investors are presented with a risk rating A+, A, B, C, or D (where D is considered too risky to publish on our platform). This rating is calculated by factoring all required data on HeavyFinance’s own risk assessment model. On top of this rating, we recommend all our investors go through all the available data to have a full understanding of the loan project.

Can I lose the entire investment?

Every investment carries risks. Although HeavyFinance works with a low risk sector and asset class, we are also bound to have a percentage of defaulted loans. Taking into account all the measures undergone to ensure guarantees and securitize the collaterals, within the pool of defaulted loans, there will be only a small probability of losing an entire investment.

What else should I know before investing?

The key considerations to have in mind before investing are:

  • Make sure you invest within your financial capacity and that you can endure the predictable timeframe of the payout.
  • Understand your risk tolerance, and do the due diligence on each investment with the information available to have a personal grasp of its context and risk.
  • Avoid concentration risks by diversifying your project portfolio. Diversifying your project portfolio will dilute the individual risk of each investment and better tolerate the adversity of losing your funds partially or in total on an investment.

How is the return on investment calculated?

The interest rate indicated next to each HeavyFinance project is an annual rate.

For example, if you invest 1.000 € in a project with a 12 percent annual rate of return, then each month’s interest will comprise 10 € =(1000 €) x (12/12/100).

When will I get back the invested money and accrued interest?

Unless otherwise indicated in the loan repayment schedule provided next to the project, your interest will be paid on a monthly basis, while the principal amount invested will be repaid at the end of the project (each project has a specified duration – 12, 24 months, etc.).

When will I start earning money after investing?

You will start earning money with the first interest payments from the project owner.

The interest is started to be calculated after the loan is paid for by the project owner or 16 working days have passed after the loan was fully financed. You can track the upcoming payments under the ‘My investments’ section.

What will happen if the full amount required for the project is not collected?

Such a project can be financed if more than 25% of the desired amount is collected and the borrower agrees to take a loan on such terms. If the borrower does not agree to the lower amount of borrowing, the financed amount is returned to the investors.

When the money is transferred to the borrower and the interest starts to accrue?

You will start earning money with the first interest payments from the project owner.

The interest is started to be calculated from and including the date of disbursement of the loan amount to the project owner or 16 working days have passed after the loan was fully financed, whichever is earlier.

After the loan is fully financed, we start collecting final documents from the borrower to fulfil all the obligations to secure the loan. It might take some time, as we need to deal with several institutions. Therefore, the interest starts accruing 16 days after the project is fully financed even if the money collected is not yet paid to the borrower.

You can track the upcoming payments under the ‘My investments’ section.

Why does the delay sometimes occur in the interest payments?

The agricultural sector is heavily related to seasonality and the monthly income is different depending on the time of the year and weather conditions. The unstable financial situation sometimes causes delays in interest payments. However, your money is still protected with all the measures taken from the beginning.

Furthermore, the borrower pays 0,2%  of the overdue amount to the investors for each calendar day of delay, whereas HeavyFinance deducts 0,1% of the overdue amount for administration of overdue payments. You can get more information in the Fees section.

What happens if the borrower does not repay my investment on time?

In case the borrower fails to fulfil its obligations, HeavyFinance starts the recovery procedure by approaching the notary for an executive document. When the executive document is issued, the bailiff overtakes leveraged machinery and sells it. Recovered funds are distributed to investors. If recovered funds do not cover the investment, the recovery procedure is pointed towards the borrower itself.

What happens if a borrower wants to repay a loan prematurely?

A borrower is contractually allowed to repay a loan at any time without penalties after 4 months from the start of the loan period. If the borrower decided to repay the loan sooner, the interest for four months has to be paid to investors.

Do I have the opportunity to sell my investment before the scheduled term?

Yes, you are able to sell your investment through the HeavyFinance secondary market. After logging in to your account go to My Profile and choose, which investment you would like to sell. As the seller of your investment, you are able to offer a price, which can be equal to the nominal value of the invested amount or differ from it (i.e. be higher or lower).

More information about secondary market rules can be found there.

Why was my investment not confirmed?

Sometimes technical problems occur in the investment process causing the cancellation of your investment. But don’t worry, your money is still safe with you.

Lack of funds in the account

Before making an investment, always check if you have enough money in your Paysera account. Instructions on how to top up your Paysera account can be found here.

Paysera limits

If you have encountered Paysera transfer limits, we provide instructions on how to raise the limits. To change the limits, log in to your Paysera account and select Settings, Limits, Rights, Authorizations from the left menu. In the window that opens, click on Account credentials and payment limits. Then, enter edit mode and adjust the existing limits to what you need. Please note that the new limits take effect after 12 hours.

Technical Problems

If you can’t invest – try another device and / or browser. If it does not help to solve the problem, it can be a lag in Paysera, which usually does not take more than an hour to be solved. If the problem persists – contact us by email: [email protected]

When can I withdraw my invested money?

Once your investment is paid back to your account, you can withdraw your money.

If you are not willing to wait till the borrower pays back the money according to the schedule, you can sell your investments on the Secondary Market and then withdraw the money.

How to earn more with HeavyFinance?

Not only can you choose the projects with higher ROI, but you can also benefit from our referral program and bonus cash back to increase your earnings.

To benefit from the referral program, log in to your HeavyFinance account, go to Menu > Profile > Referral and then simply copy the referral link available or enter any number of email addresses of people that you want to invite to our platform. You can read more about our referral program here

To benefit from the cashback bonus, simply apply a promo code valid on the specific project when initiating the investment.

How are the referral and cashback bonus calculated?

Referral bonus

Your bonus depends on how much your friend has invested within 30 days after the registration on HeavyFinance in the primary market. Your friend will earn the same bonus starting from 5 EUR to 1 000 EUR

Cashback bonus

The HeavyFinance bonus system calculates the percentage of your investment. For example, if you have invested 1000 EUR with 2% bonus, you will receive 20 EUR back to your account.

Important note: the percentage is NOT added to the interest rate, it is calculated from your investment amount.

When is the bonus paid?

Usually, the bonus is paid at the beginning of the next month after the loan is paid out to the farmer. The amount of your bonus received will be transferred to your account.

Can I have both HeavyFinance investment wallet and Paysera digital wallet connected to the same account?

Your HeavyFinance account can be connected to only one wallet at the same time.

To have both a HeavyFinance investment wallet and Paysera digital wallet, you can create a second HeavyFinance account with another email address.

What is a HeavyFinance investment wallet?

HeavyFinance investment account is a payment solution provided in cooperation with Lemonway, a French fintech company. Lemonway is approved and regulated by the French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority (ACPR) and benefits from the “EU financial passport” in 28 countries.

Lemonway’s payment services have been trusted by more than 1,400 marketplaces and 200 crowdfunding platforms in Europe. The company based in Paris (HQ), London, Madrid, Milano, Hamburg employs more than 120 people.

How long does it take to create a HeavyFinance investment wallet?

It will really take just several minutes to fill in the main information. You will be verified in up to 48 hours but it usually takes much less than that.

How to create a HeavyFinance investment wallet?

After registering on HeavyFinance, you can choose to create a HeavyFinance investment wallet. In just several minutes you will walk through the standard procedure of identification, verification and need to answer a few questions about your financial knowledge.

Being a regulated financial institution, we do our best to protect your data and investments from the very first moments of registration.

How to top-up money to my HeavyFinance investment wallet?

Under your account you can find wallet information – https://heavyfinance.com/account/wallet . You can top-up your HeavyFinance investment wallet using SEPA transfer and information under the deposit section. You will receive a confirmation email once the funds reach your account.

Please initiate the transfer from the bank account under the same name as your HeavyFinance account and don’t forget to provide a unique Reference number that you will find on your wallet page. Please note that it may take longer than expected if the reference number is missing.

How long does it take to see the top-up money in your wallet on the platform?

Please be informed that deposits and withdrawals may take up to 2 working days to be completed.

How to withdraw money from my HeavyFinance investment wallet?

Under your account you can find wallet information – https://heavyfinance.com/account/wallet . You can withdraw money from your HeavyFinance investment wallet using information under the Withdrawal section. Firstly you will need to submit “proof of IBAN document” (it can take up to 24 hours to verify this document) and then you will be able to submit the actual withdrawal.

Why do I need to link HeavyFinance account with my Paysera account?

We care about the security of your investments, therefore we use the services of the payment operator Paysera in order to implement the principle of fund segregation.

In order to ensure the principle of separation of funds between investors and the HeavyFinance platform, HeavyFinance has chosen Paysera’s payment system as the payment operator. Paysera is the leader in the payments market in the Baltic States, providing cheap and fast payment solutions that meet the expectations of crowdfunding investors.

How do I link my HeavyFinance account with my Paysera account?

Before investing, it is necessary to link the HeavyFinance investor environment with a personal account in Paysera. You can do this by clicking the “link account to Paysera” button. You will be redirected to the Paysera page where you will need to enter your Paysera login details. You will then need to select the account from which you want to invest and click the button to “grant access to the listed information”

Are Paysera account and HeavyFinance account (balance) the same thing?

The HeavyFinance platform has no direct access to your funds. They are available on your personal Paysera account. However, linking the accounts allows you to see the amount available on your Paysera account as the balance on the HeavyFinance platform. The balance displayed is your Paysera account balance, which you have linked with HeavyFinance.

How can I create a Paysera account if I do not have one?

It will only take a couple of minutes to create one with few simple steps:

Download free Paysera app to your smartphone from Google Play or App Store.

When you open the app, enter your phone number and password. Then enter the code received in the SMS message to the app.
Then confirm your email address, fill out a customer identification form, and verify your identity.

In order to increase the limits of your Paysera account, you will need to confirm your identity with a mobile signature, Skype call or go to the Paysera branch.

After completing all the steps, click the “Link Account to Paysera” button on the HeavyFinance website and link Paysera and HeavyFinance accounts.

What is required to perform customer identification in the Paysera system?

A passport or ID card and a filled-in Know Your Customer questionnaire are required for identification. The document can be submitted by logging in to your Paysera account via a computer with a camera or via the Paysera app. Details about the identification process can be found here.

What should I do if Paysera client identification is unsuccessful?

In this case, please contact Paysera customer service and their specialist will help you with the identification process. You can message them here or call the number provided here.

How to transfer money to/from a Paysera account?

You can top up your Paysera account using several ways. All of them are described here.

How can I withdraw money from my HeavyFinance account?

Log in to your HeavyFinance account to see the amount available on your Paysera account. This is a settlement account and operates according to the same principles as the accounts in other banks: it can be used to make transfers, payments with the available Paysera Visa card or you can withdraw the available funds.

What is the Secondary Market?

The Secondary Market is the functionality on the HeavyFinance platform through which the investors may transfer the available Right of claim to other investors. The secondary market helps investors to sell their loan investments in case they want to exit. Other investors who missed the first opportunity to invest in the specific project have a second chance to fund the loan

What is the Secondary Market Usage Fee?

To participate in the Secondary Market on the HeavyFinance platform, the investor has to pay a one-time fee – 1% from the nominal value of the transferred right of claim. This fee is paid by the seller of the investment.
All the investments offered on the HeavyFinance secondary market can be found here.

What is the Automatic Investment

The automatic investment feature uses pre-set parameters to screen all available projects and pick the right ones to automatically place your investment.

With this feature you can pre-select and set acceptable investment parameters regarding amount, project risk class, interest rate, etc… and follow your planned investment strategy while saving precious time

Are there any fees for using the Automatic Investment feature?

No fees are applied for using Automatic Investment

What are Carbon Credits?

Carbon credits are a type of certificate that can be bought and sold on carbon markets, intending to reduce overall emissions by providing an incentive for businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint. Often they are used to offset emissions from other activities.

How much does it cost to participate in the program?

This program is an amazing, unique opportunity to participate at no extra cost. We are here to help you gain extra revenue for practices you already have in place. You just keep doing what you’re doing, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What is the duration of the Carbon Credit program?

You can leave the program at any point, as long as you give a 30 day notice. Officially, the program lasts 20 years because it is the maximum period for which you can gain benefits. The maximum participation within the program will also maximize the cost per carbon credit.

What do I need to do to take part?

Initial assessment of eligibility involves the completion of a questionnaire concerning your land management practises, the size of the farm, and its geographical location. We will present you with the contract for your signature if the results are positive.

What are the requirements for the duration of the program?

Maintain or enhance the farming practices you already have in place and enjoy the extra revenue and our continuous support. The amount of carbon stored in the soil is dependent on your land management.

What practices can I implement to optimise the carbon balance?

Implementing regenerative farming practices, such as organic fertilisation, reduced or no tillage, incorporating legumes into crop rotation, cover cropping, reducing fuel usage, and minimising the use of synthetic inputs. All of these suggestions can help optimise your carbon balance and increase your carbon sequestration potential.

What information do we need to calculate your carbon credit?

To join our carbon credits program, you must have implemented sustainable land management practices. We will need to gather data concerning;

  • Fuel consumption amount: We will need a report on your fuel consumption rates to calculate the reduction in emissions compared to a conventional farming baseline.
  • List of Machinery: We will need a list of the machinery you own, including the types, brands, and models. This information can also be found through a report from www.vic.lt and serves as a way for us to verify fuel consumption.
  • Fertilizer usage: We will require a report from www.vic.lt on the amount and type of fertilizer used on your farm. This information helps us calculate emission reductions compared to conventional farming methods and also helps farmers earn carbon credits by reducing fertilizer usage.
  • Crop yields: We will need information on your harvest yields for the past 5 years, including crop per hectare and dry mass. This data helps us calculate the amount of organic carbon returned to the soil from crop residue biomass.
  • Field access: By signing the contract, farmers authorise HeavyFinance to take samples and make any necessary manipulations on their fields for carbon credit calculations.

*Means of collecting this data is specific to the country you are based in. Contact your local HeavyFinance office for more information.

What happens if I decide to leave the project?

If you choose to leave the project, there are no penalties. However, it is important to notify us 30 days in advance. Keep in mind that if you leave, you will lose a portion of the carbon credits you have earned. This is because Verra, our carbon credit certifying partner, keeps a buffer pool of credits to protect against potential reversals.

We strive to minimise this buffer pool by signing long-term agreements with farmers, and not enrolling in short-term rental agreements. By signing a 20-year rental agreement, the risk of reversal is minimised, which in turn minimises the buffer pool percentage. It’s worth noting that the buffer pool is based on a risk assessment tool, and farmers with more red flags may have a higher percentage of the buffer pool.

Can I take part in more than one program at the same time?

The governing carbon credit bodies prohibit participation in more than one carbon mining program at a time.

When will I be paid?

The first payment you’ll receive is not dependent on the enrollment date but rather on the duration of your regenerative farming practices. If you have been using sustainable land management since August 2019 then your first payment could be as soon as the beginning of next year. The initial monitoring period lasts 3 to 4 years followed by the verification process of the carbon certificates.  

How much will my Carbon Credits be sold for?

The value of the carbon credits is determined by the quality of the soil and farming practices. Also, the market of carbon credits works similarly as a grain market: the value fluctuates depending on supply and demand. We share regular price updates with farmers enrolled in the program. 

Can I track the price and sale of my Carbon Credits?

Yes, as a reputable project developer, our carbon credits are highly valued in the market and we have a strong track record of delivering real results in the field. Our scientific team is highly competent and we follow a robust methodology that ensures transparency.

Our carbon credit origination team works with reputable and well-known brands and blue-chip companies. We are committed to being transparent in our partnership with farmers, and if you are interested in this information, we will be happy to provide it to you upon request.

How much can I be earning from the program?

The income of each farm depends on the hectares of land enrolled in the program and the type of soil and land management applied. Farm owners will receive revenue based on the sale price of carbon credits generated by using sustainable land management practices.

Seeing the fluctuations in the price of carbon credits, we aim to sell them in the market at the highest price possible to bring the most value for the farmer. Being fully transparent, we share forecasted revenue with each farm owner before signing the contract and regularly after the farmer enrols in the program.

Why is soil analysis required?

The process of testing the soil is to evaluate the capacity it has to store carbon, thus how many credits your farm has. It is a requirement of the carbon certificate verifying bodies. It is also directly beneficial for the farmer as the analysis will give you a good insight into the health of the soil as it will disclose the content of organic carbon. We will provide feedback and advice on how to continue the maintenance of the soil.

What will I receive after HeavyFinance takes samples from my soil?

  • Soil Map: Our scientists will create a detailed map of your farm’s potential for carbon sequestration and the distribution of soil types and organic carbon in your fields.
  • Recommendations from our agronomist: Our agronomist will provide recommendations on how to maximise carbon sequestration and improve your farming practices based on the results of the soil samples.
  • Tailored scenarios for carbon sequestration: We will create potential scenarios for minimum, optimal, and maximum carbon sequestration and provide recommendations on how to achieve these results.
  • Consultation and advice: If we identify any problematic fields, we will provide consultation and advice to help you resolve the issue. These services are provided free of charge.

How and when are the soil samples taken?

We schedule sampling campaigns during the growing season when there is no vegetation in the fields. This means early spring or after harvest in late summer/early fall. Our team will take soil samples using lightweight buggies such as golf carts to reach the sampling points. If you have enrolled in our program by Jan 31, your fields will be included in our spring sampling campaign which takes place from April 1st to April 15th. The number of samples we take from your farm will depend on the size of your farm and the distribution of soil types in your fields. Typically, we take at least 10 samples from each soil type in 2 representative fields.