HEAVY FINANCE promotion “Travel to Porto” Rules

HEAVY FINANCE promotion “Travel to Porto” terms and conditions The HEAVY FINANCE competition “Travel to Porto” is held in Lithuania (hereinafter referred to as “the campaign”), company code: 305576227, A. Mickevičiaus g. 5-101, LT-08119 Vilnius. Promotion principle: The trip is awarded to the new registered investor who invests the most money in one project on the

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Portfolio performance review (June 2022)

June has been an especially busy month for farmers. Silaging and haymaking continued, as well as taking care of livestock and getting other essential tasks done. Investors followed with financing exciting agricultural projects and over June invested 1,8M EUR into agricultural loans on HeavyFinance. The capital was spread around 65 loans. In total, 23.5M EUR were

Read More » HeavyFinance is one of the absolute best P2P platforms for agricultural loans, a website helping to make investment decisions, reviewed HeavyFinance. It highlighted the highly experienced team with years of skills in the fintech and P2P industry. “So far, HeavyFinance has proved to be a safer alternative to many other P2P lending platforms.” explains the reviewer. Conclusion of HeavyFinance review HeavyFinance is one of the absolute best

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AFN: HeavyFinance is enjoying momentum and have not ruled out entering markets such as Germany or France

Agricultural news website Agfundnews highlighted HeavyFinance among the few bright lights in the agricultural sector. “HeavyFinance looks like a genuine fintech-first company that senses an opportunity for equipment finance across Europe. It’s readily seizing upon the €12.5 billion opportunity cited by Fi-Compass to fill financing needs and actively launched in markets such as Poland or Portugal

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HeavyFinance annual report 2021

Following the best transparency practices, HeavyFinance released an externally audited annual report for 2021. We look back at a year of grand achievements and expansion to four new markets. HeavyFinance Audited Report 2021 Greeting from our CEO 2021 was a year of impressive growth for HeavyFinance. Our work as a marketplace where farmers meet investors was

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Portfolio performance report (May)

21.5M EUR were issued to the farmers till the end of May, 2022. 4.8M EUR principal is already repaid to investors together with 1.32M EUR interest. The overdue principal of more than 90 days is 1.59M EUR. The graph above shows the loan originations, principal repayments and interest payments for each quarter. For example, in 2020

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