943.595 tonnes of CO₂e emissions addressed

On a mission to remove 1 gigaton of CO2 emissions by 2050.

Profitable Climate Solutions in Agriculture

HeavyFinance is a climate technology firm providing sustainable finance and investment solutions for agriculture. 

To ensure a positive impact, our soil scientists and agronomists take soil samples and do sophisticated laboratory tests measuring the levels of CO2 removed from the atmosphere.


Financial solutions that support farmers on their journey towards regenerative agriculture


Impact investing in collateralized agricultural loans for European farmers

Carbon Credit Buyers

Abate your scope 3 emissions

Empowering European Farmers

Positive impact for the environment and local communities

“Agricultural land corresponds to 38% of the global land surface, so every sustainable practice gaining popularity has a major impact on tackling climate change. By not ploughing fields, farmers protect the topsoil from erosion, enriching the soil and helping it retain moisture for better yields"
Violeta Gevorkjan​
Violeta Gevorkjan, soil and climate change mitigation advocate, nature-based solutions GHG project lead
“Carbon farming is not only a better way of growing crops for farmers, it’s also a way to save the environment and clean the air we are all breathing. We are a green country and we love nature.”
Jolanta Greinienė
Lithuanian farmer

Growing agriculture into a regenerative force​

HeavyFinance produces verified agricultural carbon credits, while providing additional financial benefits to farmers in their transition towards more sustainable soil management practices. We enable investors and farmers of all sizes access to the Voluntary Carbon Market.

Climate Change Mitigation

Lead the charge in climate change mitigation by catalysing a global shift towards sustainable and regenerative agriculture

Financial Empowerment

Provide attractive financial solutions that empower farmers, fostering lasting value in their communities while earning solid returns for investors


Embrace a culture of inclusivity, where every farmer small, medium or large plays a vital role in our mission for a greener future

What is regenerative farming?

Reduced fuel consumption

No-till, minimum tillage or similar soil management

Reduced fertilization

Crop rotation

Cover crops


We created an easy and intuitive climate mitigation platform suitable for both farmers and investors. We also have many answers to the questions that might arise while familiarising yourself with our products.

Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) is a decentralized market where non-state actors such as companies, cities or regions seek to voluntarily offset their emissions, for example, to achieve mitigation targets such as net zero emissions. This market creates financial incentives for activities that reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions. In these schemes, emissions are quantified into carbon credits that can be bought and sold. One tradable carbon credit equals one ton of carbon dioxide - or the equivalent amount of a different greenhouse gas - reduced, sequestered or avoided.

Carbon farming allows farmers to become true custodians of our natural environment and shepherds of our climate. Ir refers to a broad set of agricultural practices that enhance the uptake and storage of CO2 in soil. These practices, like minimum tillage or no-tillage, crop rotation and cover crops also increase soil resilience against floods and draughts. 

Soil carbon credits incentivize land-management practices that increase organic-carbon storage in soil. Carbon is sequestered by plants during the process of photosynthesis.  After rigorous methodologies are applied to measure levels of carbon sequestration, farmers generate soil carbon credits that can be sold in the Voluntary Carbon Market.