We’ve Launched A Brand New Referral Program

You have friends, don’t you? Let them know about investing in HeavyFinance and get a sweet reward!

You already know that investing is the shortest path to financial independence, why not tell that to your friends, right? That’s why we have just launched a HeavyFinance Referral Program that allows both you and your friends to get rewards for investing on our platform. All registered users can get a bonus for inviting their friends to start investing.

How does it work?

  • Encourage your friends to start investing in HeavyFinance projects. If they invest within 30 days after the registration, you and the new investors will get a bonus.

  • Receive a bonus 30 days after your friends’ registration.

The bonus

Your bonus depends on how much your friend has invested within 30 days after the registration on HeavyFinance. Your friend will earn the same bonus as you. Check the size of the reward here.

You’ll be credited for each person you refer, as long as they successfully sign up to a HeavyFinance account via your referral link (don’t forget this!), and invest at least 100€ in the project from a newly created account. After the successful registration and investment, wait for 30 days and receive the bonus!

You can get your unique link and see the rewards on our  “Invite a Friend” page.

Head over to our program, invite a friend or two and both you and your friend get a sweet reward.

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