Laimonas Noreika, CEO of HeavyFinance

European Business Magazine interviews Laimonas Noreika

In a recent interview with European Business Magazine, Laimonas Noreika, the founder of HeavyFinance, a climate tech company, discussed the company’s role in helping European farmers obtain financing to support regenerative agriculture and combat climate change. HeavyFinance is a marketplace for sustainable agricultural finance, which allows retail and institutional investors to add agricultural loans to their debt capital investment portfolios. Through HeavyFinance, 34 million euros have already been facilitated in agricultural loans, with the average loan amount being 30,000 euros. 

Noreika also discussed the role of technology in fighting climate change, with HeavyFinance facilitating financing for the shift to no-till farming. In addition, he explained the top three things that businesses can do to reduce carbon emissions, including increasing energy efficiency and transitioning to renewable energy sources, implementing sustainable practices throughout the supply chain, and investing in remote collaboration technologies. 

“With existing technologies, European subsectors of agriculture like crop production can become climate positive by the end of next decade. “

Lastly, Noreika highlighted the importance of agriculture in relation to climate change, with 19% of global CO2 emissions generated by the agricultural sector. Through investing in regenerative agriculture, Noreika believes that agriculture can become at least climate neutral.

Read the European Business Magazine article here.

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