HeavyFinance Partners with CEEZER

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with CEEZER, a renowned platform offering high-quality carbon removal and reduction projects. This partnership marks a significant milestone for HeavyFinance and our investors.


The voluntary carbon market holds immense potential to validate climate mitigation beyond the direct supply chain. CEEZER stands out by employing advanced technology and scientific data to ensure that voluntary carbon credits have the highest impact. Here’s why we chose to partner with CEEZER:

  • Increased Exposure to Carbon Credit Buyers: Having our carbon farming project listed on the CEEZER platform allows us to increase the pool of potential buyers of our nature-based carbon credits.
  • Transparent Financial Flow: On CEEZER, 100% of the carbon credit price is passed on to suppliers, helping them scale more quickly and accelerating positive climate action.
  • Rigorous Screening: To ensure the high quality of credits, all projects on CEEZER are backed by scientifically vetted data, focusing on additionality, permanence, co-benefits, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Trustworthy Certification: Only credits that pass CEEZER’s stringent screening criteria and are certified by reputable registries (Gold Standard, VERRA, Plan Vivo, Puro, CAR, etc.), or pre-certified removal projects, can be purchased.

What This Means for HeavyFinance

This partnership is a testament to the quality and credibility of HeavyFinance’s regenerative farming projects. Passing CEEZER’s rigorous screening criteria ensures that our projects are not only legitimate but are also highly regarded in the carbon market. This is a significant assurance for our stakeholders, underscoring that their investments are secure and impactful.

Being listed on CEEZER exposes our carbon credits to a wide audience of buyers, enhancing the visibility and marketability of our projects. This broader exposure will help us achieve our ambitious goal of removing 1 gigaton of CO2e through sustainable agricultural practices.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We invite our investors and stakeholders to explore our projects on CEEZER and support our mission to drive impactful climate action through regenerative farming. Together, we can make agriculture greener and more sustainable, benefiting both the environment and farming communities.

Sign up on CEEZER to discover their projects or visit our page to learn more about our soil-based carbon credits.

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