What are the payment solutions available on the HeavyFinance platform?

During the registration process, you will be able to choose the payment solution between the HeavyFinance investment wallet and Paysera digital wallet. Both wallets are free of charge and provide a seamless customer experience for our investors. However, there are some slight differences that may help you decide which one to choose.

HeavyFinance investment wallet is provided in cooperation with Lemonway, a widely used solution for European retail investors. It is back-to-back integrated to the HeavyFinance platform so you will not need to register to another system. Your Lemonway account is, furthermore, fully controlled from the HeavyFinance platform and you can top up your wallet using SEPA transfer. Therefore, many investors will find this way familiar and easy to fully register and start investing. All investor deposits will be held by BNP Paribas Bank – one of the largest banks in Europe.

Paysera is a settlement account and operates according to the same principles as the accounts in other banks. Paysera digital wallet provides a wind range of services, it can be used to make transfers, and payments with the available Paysera Visa card or withdraw the available funds as you would do in a transitional bank account. You will find connecting your Paysera account to a HeavyFinance account very convenient. Especially, if you use many other services that Paysera provides.