Impact investing to fight climate change​

At HeavyFinance, we are opening the door to the rapidly growing carbon certificates market. Make a positive impact on our planet and your portfolio with Green Loans for investors.

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The story behind Green Loans

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Greenhouse gas emissions must decline by 43% by 2030

Agricultural innovations need to reach critical mass

While connecting our global investor community with European farmers, we learned an important thing: there is already enough innovation in place to make agriculture climate positive. The only thing still missing is capital for mass adoption.


At HeavyFinance, we cooperate with globally recognized certifying institutions and scientific teams, using AI and spatial technologies to guarantee the integrity, transparency, and credibility of the Carbon Farming project. Green Loans generate high-quality carbon certificates, ensuring a market premium price for generating the best possible returns for the investors.

With Green Loans, HeavyFinance seeks to remove 1 gigaton of CO2 emissions. With mass adoption of regenerative farming practices we could make a significant step towards climate positive future while generating lucrative returns for our investors and farmers alike.

How does it work?

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The Process

It's a 10-year cycle. Your investment will be repaid in up to 4 years, while profits will be regularly transferred for 6 more years after the repayment of the principal amount.

Farmer signs a preliminary Green Loan agreement with HeavyFinance, in which, among others, he declares that a specified number of hectares will be cultivated using regenerative farming methods.


After the project is listed on the platform, the HeavyFinance investor community has 14 days to finance it fully

Most of the projects get fully funded within a day or two, however, for some large projects, it may take a little bit longer.

An international team of scientists takes soil samples in the fields enrolled in Green Loans.

Scientists regularly perform laboratory tests to monitor the excess levels of CO2 stored in the soil.                                

International certifying agency verifies the data of CO2 emissions captured and stored in the soil every two years.

This process includes, among others, visits to farmers’ fields before the issuance of carbon certificates.

This process takes place through direct sales to companies or with the use of carbon certificate marketplaces. 

The company appropriately distributes a share of the profits to both investors and farmers.                                   

Green Loans explained

For investors, Green Loans provide an opportunity to tap into a rapidly growing carbon certificate market. In essence, by lending to farmers on HeavyFinance, investors get access to high-quality carbon certificates, making them one of the beneficiaries of this early market while at the same time financing the fight against climate change.

Green Loans is a HeavyFinance product that includes several parties, each playing a crucial role in pushing regenerative farming towards mass adoption, each benefiting from it.


We learned that everyone, from retail to institutional investors, cares not only about the returns but also about the positive impact of their investments. With Green Loans, the environmental impact is precisely measured by international organizations and translated into tonnes of CO2 emissions taken from the atmosphere.


We have not met a single farmer in denial of climate change. They all have been witnessing it throughout the years and suffered from anomalies such as floods, droughts, and increased temperature. The largest farms, thanks to broader access to financial products, have already made this switch. It is up to modern financial institutions and retail investors to make sure that over 10 million farmers will also be provided with the needed capital to tackle climate change for us all.


Banks, airlines, technology companies, hotel chains and other multinational businesses are under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. They, therefore, buy carbon certificates – proof of climate-positive actions done by somebody else. That someone can be a farmer. We invite corporations to lend capital to farmers and receive carbon credits in exchange. Why buy carbon certificates, when you support the change directly, right?

International certifiers

To ensure the transparency and accountancy of proponents (like HeavyFinance), international non-governmental organizations investigate the results of carbon (C) captured. After verification, these organisations issue carbon certificates.

Project proponents

HeavyFinance is a project proponent, which means that we can provide data with scientific insights to receive carbon certificates for the positive impact of Green Loan receivers. A limited number of proponents are allowed in each country, and being one requires deep scientific expertise to accurately track the truth sequestration levels on the excess CO2 levels.

What are Carbon Certificates?

Carbon certificates are tradable units, each representing the removal of one tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Farmers participating in carbon farming practices generate certificates by storing carbon in the soil.

1 tonne of CO2 removed = 1 Carbon Certificate

Regenerative farming practices are a prerequisite for drawing down the excess CO2 from the atmosphere. Our scientists make precise calculations of carbon absorbed in the soil to create carbon certificates. 

Through cooperating with HeavyFinance, investors can benefit from the positive impact of reducing emissions while also earning returns from the sale of the certificates.

Real life example

From polluter to sequester

Meet farmer Donatas, a sustainable farmer. In stages, he has been implementing regenerative land management across all of his 330 hectares of farmland since 2017. 

To employ regenerative agricultural practices throughout the fields, the farmer received a loan from the HeavyFinance investor community to purchase a disc cultivator Carrier XL 425-625. The loan amount is 105.000€ with a three-year loan period.

He took a 0% interest Green Loan, as 134 ha of his soil can capture and store 3 tonnes of CO2 per hectare per year. Investors of this loan are getting returns from carbon certificates that the field generates. 

The expected market price for these high quality carbon certificate is 35€. In 36 months, the investor would receive their initial 105,000€ investment back. Following the conservative scenario, investors in this loan will earn 13% annualized returns generated from the sale of the carbon certificates over the next 10-year period.

We must act now

Mass adoption of regenerative farming is one of the most efficient ways to radically reduce CO2 emissions.

To limit global warming to 1.5° Celsius above pre-industrial levels, as set out in the Paris Agreement, global greenhouse gas emissions will need to peak before 2025. Then they must decline by 43 per cent by 2030 and to net zero by 2050.

Capital is essential to accelerate the transition toward a sustainable future, and I invite you to be a part of it. Together, we can make a real impact and leave a better world for future generations. I invite you to start making impact investments now.

Laimonas Noreika, CEO and co-founder of HeavyFinance

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