HeavyFinance Monthly Report (February 2021)

Dear investor,

To keep you updated about the platform you constantly invest through, I would like to introduce to you our Heavy Monthly Report. It is a short paper where we share key results of the platform, news about new features, major technical improvements, and other matters important to our investor community.

Without further ado, I would like to touch on February, the shortest month of the year that was unsurprisingly active, as farmers are already busy preparing their fields for the next new crop. So were we. HeavyFinance team confidently began originating loans in both Bulgaria and Portugal.

Furthermore, an independent audit regarding our financials and business activities was successfully completed adding to the transparency and truthfulness of the platform. You will find all about these changes and more in this Heavy Monthly Report.

Expansion to Bulgaria and Portugal

First investment projects were listed on the HeavyFinance platform in an attempt to rapidly expand in Southern Europe. Our plan to provide Bulgarian and Portuguese farmers with loans was positively accepted and both loans were funded successfully in a short period of time.

Furthermore, our marketplace experienced an influx of Bulgarian investors. 

Audit results

In continuing honest and transparent communication with the investor community, HeavyFinance is sharing Audited Heavy Annual Report 2020. It provides you with a deep look into the books, the company’s financial performance and the way we run the business.

Participation in Startup Wise Guys acceleration program

As you probably know, in November HeavyFinance closed a pre-seed round of €200.000 from an international startup accelerator Startup Wise Guys and a business angel Valdemaras Raščiauskas. Consequently, we participated in an acceleration program and met a couple of hundreds of mentors to shape our further expansion. Here’s a quick recap of the whole program. 

Key results from February 2021

Amount of loan issued: €1,12M (+432% vs January 2021).

During February HeavyFinnace issued 24 loans*.

*Fact that a loan is issued is the date the loan is financed by investors.

Cumulative amount issued: 3,5 million euros

This graph indicates HeavyFinance rapid growth – we have already issued almost 30% more euros than anticipated. The fast-growing pace of the company can be noticed in this graph.

A number of registered investors: 169 new investors have registered during February. During this period the HeavyFinance investor community has grown to 1358 investors. Besides, you can get a sweet reward for inviting your friends to register and start investing on HeavyFinance. Learn more about our Heavy Referral Program.

Our close investors’ community is continuing to grow. We thank all our investors for contributing to the development of the agricultural sector.

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