HeavyFinance Monthly Report 2021-08

The busiest month in agriculture has just ended. Some farmers have already finished the harvesting season and even managed to sell it. Others are still waiting for the harvest of corn and other crops. Therefore it is not surprising that farmers with a strong set of priorities have devoted most of their time and energy to harvesting.

It is gratifying that the HeavyFinance investor community also played a crucial role in the successful season – most of the loan projects, financed back in July, were aimed to cover harvesting costs and help farmers survive throughout August. Due to the abundance of work and optimization of costs, some farmers were late in making interest payments. Most of them, who are late to pay, have not yet received installments for the first sales of grain, but are ready to cover the payments as soon as they start earning the first income from this year’s harvest.

By the way, if during the summer farmers applied for funding to cover the seasonal costs, at the end of August it is easy to notice the abundance of projects for the expansion of the technical fleet on the HeavyFinance platform. This means that farmers are preparing for the sowing season and purchasing additional equipment to ensure productive work.

Meet the HeavyFinance team

During the last week of August, we started a series of conversations with five members of the HeavyFinance core team. HeavyFinance top managers shared many interesting insights on investing in agriculture and told more about their experiences. The conversations were hosted by João Alpf Martins, Head of the HeavyFinance Portuguese market. Watch recorded videos here.

Key results from August 2021

Amount of loan issued: 1.151.862 €

During August HeavyFinnace issued 33 loans*.

*Fact that a loan is issued is the date the loan is financed by investors.

The cumulative amount issued: 9,6 million euros

Number of registered investors: 209 new investors have registered during the previous month.

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HeavyFinance news

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