HeavyFinance Monthly Report 2021-09

During the first month of autumn, farmers were not only reaching the final stages of harvest and calculating their results but also planned sowing work. Now, many of them have already finished sowing the fields and currently use this period to expand their existing technical fleet equipment or reconstruct farm buildings.

The harvest was also abundant for HeavyFinance investors – in the 16 months since the start of operations, our investor community has earned almost 600,000 interest while investing in agricultural loans. This month, together with you, we have reached a new milestone – €10 million mobilized for the growth of the agriculture sector. While trusting in the idea of ​​agricultural modernization, you have helped 300 farms in Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, and Bulgaria to increase productivity and prepare for seasonal work for farmers.

Farmers’ view towards the modernization

At the end of September, the HeavyFinance team participated in the largest agro-sector innovation exhibition in the Baltic States, “Ką pasėsi…”, where we had a chance to talk with over 300 several hundred farmers who are firmly thinking about the prospects for economic growth. Most of the participants have serious aspirations to modernize their farms and adopt new agricultural development solutions. Young farmers are especially determined about growth – some are considering organic farming, and others are actively looking at the possibilities of investing in modern technology and innovative digital solutions on farms. The fact that a new generation of smart and active agro-entrepreneurs is emerging and determined to modernize the agricultural sector is really inspiring. It only confirms that HeavyFinance and our investors are moving in the right direction while contributing to the growth of promising farmers.

And what’s new among HeavyFinance investors?

Participation in the agricultural exhibition helped to broaden our horizons and delve even better into the daily life of farmers, emerging problems, and current issues. This is exactly what we discussed with the largest HeavyFinance investors during our event at the end of the month and shared the experience gained during more than a year of operation. During the event, we saw that the already actively involved investor community seeks to continue to contribute to the implementation of agricultural modernization plans by financing promising farms.

Key results from September 2021

Amount of loan issued: 982.262 €

During September HeavyFinnace issued 33 loans*.

*Fact that a loan is issued is the date the loan is financed by investors.

The cumulative amount issued: 10,6 million euros

* The number of loans issued was calculated including cancelled projects from which investors earned interest.

The number of registered investors: 267 new investors have registered during the previous month.

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