How does HeavyFinance secure the loans?

You really want to invest your hard-earned money somewhere safe while getting a sweet return, right? The last thing you want is to lose your investment. Therefore, we have some interesting and unique offerings to secure your investments.

HeavyFinance has three main ways to make your investments in agriculture more secured naming sole accountability of the farmer, pledge of property and individual state guarantee. You can see the information about security measures on each loan to make your decision easier. Besides, every loan has at least one measure to secure your investment and you can also see some loans having all three measures decreasing the risk involved in investing.

Sole accountability

Some HeavyFinance loans (up to 15 000 €) are secured only by the project owner\’s sole accountability. It means that in the case of loan default, the farmer, as a private person, is liable for the loan with personal property.

In this case, the invested money is returned after the sale of the debtor\’s assets.

Pledge of property

A pledge of assets means that the borrower puts land, heavy equipment or an agreement of purchase and sale as collateral. All pledged assets have a first-hand mortgage protecting the interest of the HeavyFinance investor community.

Individual state guarantee

HeavyFinance signed an agreement to participate in a national guarantee scheme of Lithuania enabling investors to invest in loans with an extra measure of security provided by the local government.

The signed contract with the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund of Lithuania allows HeavyFinance to provide loans, which are guaranteed with the repayment of up to 80% of the outstanding credits. More about this kind of guarantee read on our news section.

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