How will the ECSP licence improve the HeavyFinance investment projects?

We are thrilled to share an exciting development at HeavyFinance that opens up new possibilities for both farmers and investors worldwide. With the recent acquisition of the European Crowdfunding Service Providers (ECSP) licence, HeavyFinance is breaking free from geographical constraints and expanding its platform to include projects from all countries on Lemonway. We will also clarify how the licence will simplify the taxation process for the HeavyFinance investors. 

Embracing Global Opportunities With The ECSP Licence

Previously, the platform Lemonway solely permitted the listing of projects from Lithuania. However, with the ECSP licence in hand, we can now welcome projects from other countries that we operate in (Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland and Portugal). This means that farmers and entrepreneurs across the globe can benefit from our platform, connecting with a broader network of investors passionate about supporting sustainable agriculture.

Tax Clarity for International Investors

We understand that our investors come from diverse corners of the world, and taxation can be a concern when investing internationally. We want to provide clarity and assurance in this regard. When investing in non-Lithuanian projects through HeavyFinance, you are not obligated to pay taxes in Lithuania. No need to fill DAS-1 forms or navigate through complicated tax procedures. Instead, your returns from these projects will be taxed according to your local taxation system, alleviating the burden of dealing with complex cross-border tax processes.

A Journey of Transparency and Rewards

Transparency and seamless investment experiences are at the heart of our approach. As we venture into this new chapter, our commitment to providing a smooth and rewarding investment journey remains unwavering, in accordance with the ECSP licence we have acquired. Whether you are from France, Germany, the United States, or any other part of the world, HeavyFinance aims to ensure that your investment experience is straightforward and financially rewarding.

Looking Ahead

"We're thrilled to announce our acquisition of the ECSP license, a significant step that broadens HeavyFinance's horizons. Now, projects from Bulgaria, Latvia, Poland, and Portugal join Lemonway, uniting global investors in support of sustainable agriculture. This expansion also simplifies tax matters for international investors, enhancing our commitment to transparency. Together, we're making a powerful impact on both agriculture and environmental stewardship."

We express gratitude to all our valued investors who have been with us throughout this journey. Your trust and support have been instrumental in driving HeavyFinance towards new heights. Together, we are making a profound impact on sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship, and the fight against climate change.

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