Portfolio Performance Review (February 2021)

Welcome to the HeavyFinance performance review, where we break down the loans that were given and repaid, as well as summaries the investor returns. Click here to view the previous review.

As our investors already financed more than €18M worth of loans, we invite you to assess the outstanding portfolio.

Despite rising fertiliser prices and the war in Ukraine, repayments have been continuing at a stable pace in all of our operating countries. 80% of the loans disbursed through HeavyFinance do not face any delays. Furthermore, 8% of loans are less than 30 days late on payments.

Since the official launch of HeavyFinance in June 2020, our investor community has financed 549 agricultural loans through the platform. Most of the loans disbursed in the first months of operation are already repaid to our investors.

Vintage statistics

The greater the maturity of an investment portfolio, the more detailed the assessment of its performance can be. Statistics of the last 21 months (from June 2020 to February 2022) of operations provides us great confidence that agricultural loans is a great asset class to diversify any investment portfolio.

The graph below shows the loan originations, principal repayments and interest payments for each month. For example, in October 2020, €472.000 of loans were funded, of which €92.000 have already been repaid together with €64.000 of interest. €266.000 of the outstanding amount is being repaid on time, while €114.000 is currently less than 90 days overdue (If any instalment is overdue, we treat the whole loan as being late).

“External market factors and political tensions tend to affect the quality of the overall loan portfolio, especially if we look at consumer loans. HeavyFinance statistics show that agricultural loans were not negatively affected by the war, while rising fertiliser prices were compensated by a sharp increase in the price of grain\” explains Andrius Liukaitis, CFO of HeavyFinance.

Since June 2020, HeavyFinance investor community has already invested more than €18M and earned over €900,000 in returns.

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