Portfolio performance review (April)

Welcome to the HeavyFinance performance review, where we break down the loans that were given and repaid, as well as summaries the investor returns. To see the report from the previous month click here.
20.0M EUR were issued to the farmers till the end of April, 2022. 4.6M EUR principal is already repaid to investors together with 1.18M EUR interest.

Overdue principal of more than 90 days is 1.4M EUR.

The graph above shows the loan originations, principal repayments and interest payments for each quarter. For example, in 2020 Q3, 451 thousand EUR of loans were funded, of which 420 thousand EUR have already been repaid together with 49 thousand EUR of interest. 16 thousand EUR is being repaid according to the payment schedule and 15 thousand EUR is currently more than 90 days overdue. (If any instalment is overdue, we treat the whole loan as being late).

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