Welcome to HeavyFinance

As I write this letter, our company is doing its best in carefully looking for a perfect balance between profit and risk for your investments. We see it as a sole goal in these times of uncertainty.

We started a crowdfunding platform HeavyFinance during the time of economic turbulence that we have never seen before in the modern era. But the world doesn’t stop spinning and humanity is still eager to innovate and make this world better for everyone. Our team, in particular, is constantly working on making your investment journey more fruitful and more comfortable. Along the way, we, as a community of investors, will help small and medium enterprises to stay strong and expand operations.

As for investors, current changes bring thousands of factors to reconsider, such as the health of the economy, the effect of governmental actions, the participants’ psyches, weather and other forms of randomness. Thus the problem is enormously multi-variate. However, I realize that it is easier to sound smart as a pessimist, and there is plenty of uncertainty to feed the angst, but our singular focus on navigating this pandemic made me believe that the economy is soon to recover. The path will not be smooth, and the economic and financial pain will be real, but the overall market does not need to go up for smart investors to make money.

I also believe that during these times companies creating alternatives to traditional financial services are becoming more important than ever and will play a crucial part in the future. The biggest responsibility of HeavyFinance is to help our clients successfully pass through this market environment while staying focused on stable returns. We promise now to offer some sweet deals for our community of investors with up to 14% returns on investment backed by valuable assets – heavy machinery.

For starters, you will get an opportunity to invest in business loans backed by farming machinery. In the agricultural equipment market, which is expected to be sized at almost 132 billion USD in 2024[1], there is plenty of opportunity for innovative financial solutions. Especially in Europe, where the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy period is soon to come.

Besides, we will soon prepare some new investment opportunities in business loans for companies operating in forestry, infrastructure and other sectors, where the usage of heavy machinery is a crucial part of daily operations.

We are ready to take the financial market by storm and we are well prepared for what lies ahead.

Thank you for being at our side.

Sincerely yours,

Laimonas Noreika

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