HeavyFinance set to generate 250,000 carbon credits in Europe

London, August 17 – Heavy Finance, a European climate tech investment marketplace for the agricultural industry, is set to generate 250,000 carbon credits in the UK and Europe in 2024, becoming one of the largest carbon credit producers.

By generating 250,000 carbon credits, HeavyFinance will remove 250,000 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere through sustainable investment offerings and Article 9 funds for retail and institutional investors. 

The investments will raise funds for no-tillage and sustainable farming practices to remove CO2 and tackle food shortages across Europe.  

The majority of carbon credits will be generated in Poland,Lithuania and Bulgaria to capitalise on their high carbon removal potentials, with a view to expanding operations across the continent throughout the next 18 months. This will align with national strategies in Poland,Lithuania and Bulgaria around commitments to carbon reduction and removal.

 Eryk Frontczak, Carbon Product Manager at HeavyFinance, said: “Setting out attainable goals and commitments is an important part of tackling climate issues and the generation of 250,000 carbon credits will bring actionable benefits across Europe. Countries such as Poland have huge potential for carbon reduction through sustainable farming, helping to prioritise soil health which contributes to the food market, generate new revenue streams through carbon credits, build climate resilience and maximise agricultural yield.”

 As part of its commitment, HeavyFinance recently launched Green Loans to provide investors with up to 30 per cent on annual returns within a four-year investment period from the sale of CO2 remove credits produced in European farmland.

 Laimonas Noreika, CEO & Co-Founder of HeavyFinance, commented: “Carbon reduction is becoming increasingly important as organisations evaluate and implement ESG strategies, and raising awareness of the carbon credit market and Article 9 funds is a vital step in the carbon removal and reduction process. Collaboration with European institutions to promote the value of carbon credits in sustainability action is an essential part of the solution and our capacity to generate 250,000 carbon credits will help towards our goal of removing one gigaton of CO2 emissions by 2050.”

 HeavyFinance has recently partnered with UK firm Agricarbon to help measure climate impact and ClearBlue Markets, a leading carbon pricing advisory and offset development broker.

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