What information do we need to calculate your carbon credit?

To join our carbon credits program, you must have implemented sustainable land management practices. We will need to gather data concerning;

  • Fuel consumption amount: We will need a report on your fuel consumption rates to calculate the reduction in emissions compared to a conventional farming baseline.
  • List of Machinery: We will need a list of the machinery you own, including the types, brands, and models. This information can also be found through a report from www.vic.lt and serves as a way for us to verify fuel consumption.
  • Fertilizer usage: We will require a report from www.vic.lt on the amount and type of fertilizer used on your farm. This information helps us calculate emission reductions compared to conventional farming methods and also helps farmers earn carbon credits by reducing fertilizer usage.
  • Crop yields: We will need information on your harvest yields for the past 5 years, including crop per hectare and dry mass. This data helps us calculate the amount of organic carbon returned to the soil from crop residue biomass.
  • Field access: By signing the contract, farmers authorise HeavyFinance to take samples and make any necessary manipulations on their fields for carbon credit calculations.

*Means of collecting this data is specific to the country you are based in. Contact your local HeavyFinance office for more information.