Why was my investment not confirmed?

Sometimes technical problems occur in the investment process causing the cancellation of your investment. But don’t worry, your money is still safe with you.

Lack of funds in the account

Before making an investment, always check if you have enough money in your Paysera account. Instructions on how to top up your Paysera account can be found here.

Paysera limits

If you have encountered Paysera transfer limits, we provide instructions on how to raise the limits. To change the limits, log in to your Paysera account and select Settings, Limits, Rights, Authorizations from the left menu. In the window that opens, click on Account credentials and payment limits. Then, enter edit mode and adjust the existing limits to what you need. Please note that the new limits take effect after 12 hours.

Technical Problems

If you can’t invest – try another device and / or browser. If it does not help to solve the problem, it can be a lag in Paysera, which usually does not take more than an hour to be solved. If the problem persists – contact us by email: info@heavyfinance.com