HeavyFinance introduces a faster and simpler way to invest

From now all the investors from HeavyFinance community can use auto-investment functionality, which makes the investment process easier.

This functionality allows investors to pre-select acceptable investment parameters (amount invested, project risk class, interest rate, etc.), under which later the automatic investment function chooses investment projects. Setting these criteria in advance makes it easier to follow your planned investment strategy and save time.

Several benefits of auto-investment:

You will save time. This is a convenient way to invest for passive investors who invest small amounts in several projects but do not have time to take an active interest in new projects. If you have decided exactly what type or risk of projects you are interested in, automatic investment functionality can save you time – a pre-arranged amount of money will be automatically invested in projects that meet your criteria.

You won’t miss good investment projects. Some projects are fully funded before you notice them. With automatic investing, you avoid this – if the project meets the parameters you have chosen, you get the priority right to become one of the investors in that project.

You can easily follow your investment strategy. In order to achieve long-term goals, it is important to follow your investment strategy. With automatic investing, you can easily determine the risk levels of loans you want to invest in, what interest rate you want to get from the loans, and what is the acceptable LTV (loan-to-value) ratio for you.

Manage auto-investment parameters easily. The investment amount for a project, interest rate, and other parameters can be easily set on the HeavyFinance auto investment page. The funds used for automatic investment will not exceed your set amount in the automatic investment balance. Also, this investment functionality can be easily turned on and off, when you need it.

How to use automatic invesment:

  • Enter the amount you want to invest using auto investment functionality in the ‘Update Balance’ field on the left. When the set amount is invested, the feature will turn off automatically. You will be able to re-enable it after updating your balance.

  • Once you have set the amount, create an automatic investment strategy. Select the parameters: investment amount, interest rate, loan duration, risk class, loan type, and LTV. If you do not assign anything to a parameter, for example, a loan type, the automatic investment functionality will detect that all possible loan types are suitable for you. So if you choose fewer criteria, you will automatically invest in more loans.

  • After updating the balance and selecting all the criteria, click “Create”. You can create more than one automatic investment strategy.

You can try out the auto investment feature here.

Please read the Automatic Investment rules before using the automatic investment functionality.

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