FAQ Group: Carbon credits

Why is soil analysis required?

The process of testing the soil is to evaluate the capacity it has to store carbon, thus how many credits your farm has. It is a requirement of the carbon certificate verifying bodies. It is also directly beneficial for the farmer as the analysis will give you a good insight into the health of the …

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How much will my Carbon Credits be sold for?

The value of the carbon credits is determined by the quality of the soil and farming practices. Also, the market of carbon credits works similarly as a grain market: the value fluctuates depending on supply and demand. We share regular price updates with farmers enrolled in the program. 

When will I be paid?

The first payment you’ll receive is not dependent on the enrollment date but rather on the duration of your regenerative farming practices. If you have been using sustainable land management since August 2019 then your first payment could be as soon as the beginning of next year. The initial monitoring period lasts 3 to 4 …

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What information do we need to calculate your carbon credit?

To join our carbon credits program, you must have implemented sustainable land management practices. We will need to gather data concerning; *Means of collecting this data is specific to the country you are based in. Contact your local HeavyFinance office for more information.